Premium Sleeves Coming Soon!

Yes, we have been planning to do some premium sleeves for a while now, these will be 100 microns thick and 55 sleeves per pack, not 50 sleeves per pack like most of our competition.  We have decided to move this planned project up a bit due to the announcement that FFG was discontinuing their sleeve line and leaving those customers high and dry.  All those previously sleeved games with no additional sleeves for those games and expansions?  For shame!  

Our Premium Sleeves will be in the same style/thickness as FFGs old sleeve and will be identical in terms of outer dimensions. We hope this will allow those who have invested hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in sleeves to continue to sleeve those games in high-quality sleeves they have come to expect.  

We will be launching a Kickstarter for this line soon and you can preview it now HERE.  Please book mark that and hit the "Remind Me" button to be notified when it is live!



 Yes these will include 10% more sleeves (55 vs 50) and be significantly cheaper too!  Note the mini sleeves will be just $2 per pack instead of $2.99, the standard sleeve sizes will be $2.50 per pack instead of $2.99 and the large Tarot size sleeves will be $3 per pack instead of $4.99.  10% more for 1/3 less money? Sounds like a win!  

We aim to take over the sleeve world one sleeve at a time!  More details coming soon so check back here!

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