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At Sleeve Kings, we go above and beyond when it comes to card sleeving. Our sleeves are compatible with thousands of games and expansion sets and they are thicker than standard card sleeves. We also offer card sleeve bundles to make your selection easy.

Quality Beyond Standard Card Sleeves

Our standard card sleeves exceed industry standards and they do not damage your cards. Our thinnest sleeves are 60 microns thick, making them 50% thicker than average card sleeves, which are usually 40 microns thick. Because they are free of acid and PVC, these sleeves are safe for handling and they will not tarnish your cards, making them safe to use for archiving your rarest finds. With 100% clear polypropylene, your cards are easily viewable. 

Your Comprehensive Source for Card Sleeve Bundles

At Sleeve Kings, card sleeves are our passion. We have organized our sleeves by SKU and matched them with over 8,000 games and expansion sets. Using our Google Sheet or Android App, you can quickly find the SKUs for the card sleeve bundles compatible with your beloved board game or expansion set. Need a bundle for Gloomhaven or Catan? We got you covered. We conveniently offer over 192 different card sleeve bundles to make your choices even easier.


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