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Most board games come with a specific number of accessories to allow a limited number of players to enjoy the activity at once. If you want to host a fun game night with more players than the game can accommodate, you need to buy additional board game accessories. Sleeve Kings carries a wide variety of board game tokens so you can play your favorite games with a crowd.

Types of Accessories

Board game tokens are the small pieces you move around the board to progress in a given game. Accessories, often depicting resources, are used when you need multiple tokens to show your place on the board. We carry both tokens and accessories to meet your needs for board games. Buy extra tokens made with elaborate designs, or choose packs of finely crafted accessories to expand the number of players in your game. Both types of products may be needed to add players to your favorite board game.

Regardless of whether you need accessories or tokens for your board games, we carry many designs. Some of our most popular tokens include crowns, towers, hammers and helmets. Our inventory of accessories includes swords, wood, bows and leather. They can be used for specific games or added to your favorite board games to enhance the playing experience and allow you to include more people.

Materials Used To Make Accessories

Tokens and accessories for board games can be made out of many materials. We want our products to be durable, so we choose sturdy materials for the accessories and tokens we carry. Choose from the following materials:

  • Translucent plastic
  • Painted resin
  • Metal alloy
  • Painted plastic
  • Translucent resin

Contact Us

If you need board game accessories so that you can play with a large crowd, Sleeve Kings is here to help. Browse our selection of board game tokens and accessories today or contact us with any questions.

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