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Bamboo Bash Backstory and Backlash?

Bamboo Bash Backstory and Backlash?

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Backstory For those who may not have heard yet, Imperial Publishing is planning to re-launch a game on Kickstarter called Bamboo Bash.  We have found the game to be caught up in a bit of drama though and wanted to clear the air on some details regarding this game, its history and our efforts to ensure it is both legally and ethically presented.  While we felt we had been doing this, it is clear we haven't done a good enough job in presenting this game.  So here we go.Firstly, no true understanding of this game can be understood without recognizing...

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Welcome to a whole new way to Sleeve!

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How SleeveKings was born, and how it is learning to crawl right about now.  Seriously, we talk about our innovations in the sleeve market and how we hope to take over the world, one deck of (sleeved) cards at a time.
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