STANDARD EDITION Escape from the Asylum 1-6 Player Cooperative Game - – sleevekings
STANDARD EDITION Escape from the Asylum 1-6 Player Cooperative Game  -
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STANDARD EDITION Escape from the Asylum 1-6 Player Cooperative Game -

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Escape from the Asylum is a thrilling escape room experience in the form of a co-operative board game. The game is divided into two parts, and each part is a collection of five stories. In each story, you assume a role of a character trying to escape the North Oaks asylum. To accomplish that, you will have to solve puzzles and make life-changing decisions. Reveal more and more of the backstory and watch the stories intertwine as you play.

This is a fully-cooperative game for 1-6 players and actually consists of 5 stories per part and 2 parts.  That is 10 stories total and each story will take an hour or more to play.  With 10+ hours of content and scalable from 1-6 players this "escape room" style game brings some truly unique elements to the genre and is intended for players aged 12 and up.  

How To Play:

You can check out the very simple 2-page rulebook HERE. The rules are quite simple but it is a hard thing to get into the details of game play without giving away too much of the game.  Check out these videos for overall gameplay and theme / story without spoilers:


What's In The Box?

Check out this unboxing video but careful for some inadvertent but mild spoilers in this unboxing: 

We can't show you all the components as it would spoil the game!
We can't show you all the components as it would spoil the game!

There are over 300 cards in the game along with 29 location envelopes, 2 floor plans, 6 scoring cards, 6 hint/solution books, 40+ challenges in various forms, a couple of postcard sized "locker cards" and a bunch of other components that we can't tell you about for fear of spoiling the game for you.   We can tell you the game is 9.25 X 6.29 X 3.78 inches and weighs in at over 2.5 pounds (40 ounces!).  This game is packed with content!


There are many reviews out there from all the different languages this has already been released in but most of those are not in English and many of the more detailed reviews contain spoilers, so we have selected just a few to present here.  Here is one 2024 review.

Full Walk Through (SPOILERS GALORE!)

Please do consider this video carefully as it is a very detailed walk-through of the game and includes massive spoilers.  We advise you to watch the very beginning and perhaps the last 5 minutes where the game is discussed if you are worried about spoilers.

 This video is also a walk-through so it will contain spoilers and ruin the game for you. We advise you NOT to watch it but the first few minutes are ok for you to get a feel for the game we think?

Weight: 2.5 pounds
UPC: 759126998844
SKU: SKS-0346
Dimensions: 9.25 X 6.29 X 3.78 Inches

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