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Sleeve Kings currently offers over 40 different types of card game sleeves that accommodate practically any game card or collectible card you have. We truly understand the importance of maintaining the quality of your cards. Our card sleeves are thicker than the market standard and allow your cards to endure the test of time.

Easily Find Card Game Sleeves by SKU 

We have an Android app that allows you to identify the Sleeve King SKU for the specific board game sleeves you need. Our app is your go-to tool to quickly find the sizes of card sleeves for over 7,000 card games in our database.

If you do not have an Android, we have created a Google sheet that matches more than 10,000 board games and expansion sets with their recommended card sleeve SKU (HERE). We organized the information by card count, card width, card length, and the number of card packs you need per game set. Use this document as your guide whenever you need to identify which of our card sleeves you need.

Find Sleeves for a Specific Game on BGG Easily

If you are looking for a specific game you can jump over to and find the sleeves by following the instructions on this short video HERE.

Select the Correct Card Sleeves at a Glance

We created a Sleeve Finder Playmat to help you identify the necessary card sleeve SKU in seconds. We listed our SKUs by color and letter on the chart. With this size guide, simply take any card and match the edge of your card on the bottom left hand corner of the chart. The color of the box that your card fits inside is the color of the SKU you need. Use this playmat for any future card game sleeves or board game sleeves you require.

Choose Premium Card Sleeves 

The typical card sleeve thickness is 40 microns. At Sleeve Kings, our card sleeves are 60 microns thick, making them 50% thicker than the industry standard. Download our app or access our Google sheet today to quickly find the SKU you need.

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