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10 Tips Strategies For Playing Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance

10 Tips Strategies For Playing Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance

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If you're a fan of the Marvel universe and love zombies, the Marvel Zombies board game is the perfect activity for you. Designed for up to four players, this is a cooperative game in which you play as superheroes trying to fight off a horde of zombies to complete a mission. It seems like a complicated game with many rules, but it's much simpler than it seems. Here are ten tips to help you become a master at the Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance board game whether you're playing alone or with friends.

1. Choose Characters Carefully

You can choose to play as Wasp, Hulk, Black Panther or Spiderman. Each hero has various abilities that make them more suitable for certain tasks, so you must consider these strengths if you want to complete the objectives. Hulk, for example, has a top health meter of five while all other heroes only have top health meters of three. This makes Hulk the best choice for facing large hordes of zombies during attacks.

2. Trade Power for an Extra Dice

Each hero comes with a certain level of power. You can regain power throughout the game to keep your character strong, but when it is time to attack a horde of zombies, your current power level determines how many dice you can roll. One strategic move you can make is to sacrifice one of your power points for an extra dice. This gives you a greater chance of warding off the zombies and maintaining your health. You should only use this strategy if your hero has a lot of power left.

3. Think About Your Actions for Each Turn

Each hero only gets three actions per turn. Actions are governed by the cards you draw, so you need to pay special attention to the moves you choose to make so you don't leave your hero vulnerable once your turn is over. For example, drawing three attack cards may drastically decrease your health status so that your character cannot withstand another attack during another player's turn. It may be more beneficial to move your hero to another space to work on a different objective and preserve health.

4. Draw an Ability Card

You may choose to sacrifice one of your actions to draw an ability card. Each ability card gives you special powers that can help when you face the superhero zombies that are more difficult to defeat. However, you can only draw one ability card per turn, and you cannot use it on the same turn.

5. Rescue Bystanders

Part of each mission's objective is to rescue innocent bystanders. While you may think this is a secondary part of the mission, it should be one of your primary objectives because you gain the powers of the bystanders you rescue. Superheroes earn the abilities of bystanders once they are rescued, and these powers are often beneficial for defeating zombie hordes later in the game.

6. Pay Attention to Experience Points

Every time your hero defeats an enemy, whether it is a walker, brute or superhero zombie, he or she gains experience points. More experience points mean more power, but it also means that the enemies have the ability to spawn more walkers to overcome the heroes. Gaining more experience is not always the best option because you may face more enemies than you can handle. It's best to spread experience points evenly among the heroes to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

7. Focus On One Objective at a Time

Each objective is hidden inside a room filled with various enemies. You won't know what types of enemies are in each room until you break down the door, but this also means that the enemies cannot attack you until you gain entry to the space. Focusing on one objective at a time is the best way to keep your hero from being overwhelmed by enemies. If you break multiple doors, the enemies from each room can attack during their turns and spawn more zombies. It's an easy way to lose the game by spreading yourself too thin. Protect your heroes by keeping doors closed until you are prepared to collect the objective.

8. Avoid Power Losses By Saving Bystanders

You already know that saving bystanders is a good way to gain abilities, and you must save at least one bystander to win the game. However, sometimes it may seem like saving additional bystanders will cost too much health for it to be worth the abilities you gain. Remember that whenever you lose a bystander, you lose one power point and one heroic trait. Sometimes it can't be avoided, but when sacrificing a bystander is a strategic move to preserve health, remember that there is a significant cost of this action.

9. Stay Away From Spawn Points

There are multiple spawn points on the board, and these are the places where enemies appear. Even if you are in a space with a spawn point, you will not be able to prevent enemies from appearing, so there is no use trying to guard it. If you stay too close to a spawn point, you will quickly become overwhelmed because all zombies automatically attack the closest hero or bystander. It's best to keep your distance from spawn points when possible so you don't get defeated before you can fight back on your next turn.

10. Avoid Going Against Superhero Zombies

It's no surprise that superhero zombies have much more power than brutes or walkers. It's much harder to defeat a superhero zombie, so you should try to avoid direct confrontations if at all possible to preserve your health. If you do find yourself in combat with a superhero zombie, use all of your traits and abilities to give you a better chance of winning the battle and minimize the hit to your health meter.

Give Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance a Try Today!

Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance is a cooperative game of skill and strategy. Intended for players over the age of 14, this board game is sure to be a hit. While you’re at it, be sure to pick up some Marvel Zombies Heroes Resistance protective card sleeves at Sleeve Kings today!


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