6 Best Trading Card Games of All Time

6 Best Trading Card Games of All Time

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The emergence of trading card games brought people of all backgrounds and generations. Many trading card games that started decades ago are still going strong due to its successful use of game components, addictive play, and fun collectability. Here are a few of the best trading card games (with their respective card sleeves for protection) according to Sleeve Kings: 

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  1. Pokemon 
    1. One of the most famous card games to date, Pokemon took the world by storm in the 1990s and hasn’t stopped. Addictive and fun for all ages. 
    2. Card Sleeves: 63.5 x 88MM
  2. Yugioh! 
    1. Beautiful art, addictive play, and high in replayability & collectability. Added expansions have also extended the life of the ultimate dueling experience. 
    2. Card Sleeves: 59 x 92MM
  3. Magic The Gathering
    1. Started in the early 90s, this tactical game has hundreds of additions, expansions, and updates, making it versatile and creative for any player. 
    2. Card Sleeves: 63.5 x 88MM
  4. Final Fantasy TCG
    1. Features the widely varied characters and creatures from your favorite games, this card game is good for new and experienced card game players. 
    2.  Card Sleeves: 63.5 x 88MM
  5. The Lord of the Rings TCG
    1. What’s better than duking it out in Middle Earth? This two-player card game has one player getting Frodo to Mount Doom and the other trying to stop him. 
    2.  Card Sleeves: 63.5 x 88MM
  6. Digimon TCG
    1. This older franchise saw  a more recent update with a new TCG encompassing old and new characters. Great for players of all ages. 
    2. Card Sleeves: 63.5 x 88MM




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