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8 Reasons To Protect Your Cards Using Card Sleeves

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Whether you collect sports cards or you have a board game with valuable playing cards, you want to keep them pristine. Over time, normal wear and tear make those cards unsightly and bent, decreasing their value. Trading card protective cases protect your investment so that you can enjoy your cards for years to come.

Why You Need Trading Card Protective Cases

If you're wondering how to protect your trading cards, investing in trading card protective cases will ensure those cards are protected from moisture and dirt. Here are some reasons to protect your investment using card sleeves.

1. Your Cards Are Valuable

If you collect cards, or if they're expensive, you want to preserve that investment by protecting them. Invest in the best quality card sleeves you can to ensure they don't get damaged or bent. That way, they'll retain their value, and you can sell them someday for more than you paid for them. Plus, if a card sleeve gets damaged, it's easy to replace and won't put a dent in your pocketbook.

2. Mash Shuffling Is Easier

With ordinary playing cards used in games such as poker, most people use the riffle shuffling method by holding cards in their hands and bending them in an arc to shuffle them. If you have a thicker deck of other types of playing cards, the mash shuffling method of laying the cards on a table and swirling them about with your hands is easier. Still, this method is also hard on the cards and can damage them. Card sleeves protect your cards and make mash shuffling easier.

3. Humidity Can Damage Your Cards

If you live in a humid climate, that humidity can warp your cards over time or worse, encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Card sleeves will keep your cards dry and protect them.

4. Food and Drink Can Ruin Your Cards

Playing cards are meant to be played with, especially with a group of friends or family members. it's inevitable that your fellow players will bring food and drinks to the table. Accidents can happen, and your cards can get ruined by an elbow that knocks over a glass. Keeping your cards in card sleeves protects them from becoming ruined.

5. Your Skin Is Oily

Your skin has oil, and that oil can rub off on your playing cards, soiling them and wearing off the print over time. Card sleeves will protect your playing cards from fingerprints and other types of damage.

6. Others Will Be Gentler on Your Cards

Keeping your trading cards and other playing cards in card sleeves sends a subtle, but powerful psychological message to friends and family members who handle them. They'll realize the cards are valuable, and they'll be far more gentle with them. They're also less likely to bring food and drinks to the table when you play board games.

7. Your Cards Won't Get Bent or Scratched

With ordinary use, your cards get bent over time. Also, it's easy to scratch cards with your nails or if they brush against a hard edge. Each card tends to develop wear and tear in different spots, eventually making it easier to know the different cards from the back. Those who are familiar with the deck have an unfair advantage. It's not exactly cheating, but it's close. Putting your cards in card sleeves will keep this from happening.

8. Card Sleeves Make Your Cards Feel Better

Cards that are encased in card sleeves have a smooth feel to them. They're also stiffer and have a more professional look.

How To Protect Cards by Placing Them in Card Sleeves

Protect your cards from the oil on your skin by wiping them gently with a clean, damp cloth. Then, holding the card by the edges, insert it partway into the opening. Tap the card sleeve on the table. The card will fall in and be less likely to be scratched or bent.

You can protect your card further by sealing the opening of the card sleeve with painter's tape. The tape will prevent the card from falling out of the sleeve and keep dust and moisture away from your card. Don't use cellophane tape, as it will be hard to remove later.

Never buy cheap card sleeves, as they will stiffen over time and become opaque. Spend a little extra money to buy the best quality card sleeves you can.

If you must clean your cards, only use a damp cloth. Never use a cleaner or other solvent on your cards, as these chemicals can damage them.

Storage Tips

You can protect your cards further by placing the sealed cards in slightly larger card sleeves. Double sleeving your cards ensures no dust or moisture can get in. Then place them in a box and store them in a cool, dark place such as a closet. If your cards are valuable, store them in a place that you can lock.

Valuable playing cards are an asset you need to protect. Knowing how to protect cards by storing them properly will ensure those assets retain their value so you can enjoy them for years to come. Find premium card sleeves here.


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