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9 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Tips For Beginners

9 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Tips For Beginners

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Who doesn't love the Harry Potter Series? Every night before bed, reading part of the story or sometimes the rest of the book would allow your imagination to soar. Having the board game series is a fantastic way to transform this story into a real adventure, and if you love this game, you will play it for years, and you'll want to protect it to preserve it over time. For example, using Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Card Sleeves are excellent for all of the cards in the game. Here are some strategies to help you master your skills and preserve the game for years.

Why Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Card Sleeves Matter

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle combines seven games that offer more challenges in its progression. The game has the main cooperative game deck, over 50 tokens, dice and over 140 cards in 3 different sizes. Wear over time can compromise the edges of the playing cards, and protecting them with card sleeves will help make your game last. For instance, sweat from hands or an accidental spill of soda, food and pets can wreak havoc. Protecting the longevity of your cards should be a fundamental part of how you begin your adventure with this fantastic game.

How to Learn the Basics

To master the Harry Potter Hogwarts battle strategy, understand the game's basic structure. Read through the instructions, and you will note the recommendation to be comfortable playing a full round of the first game. Game 1 will help familiarize you with the meaning of the cards, the order of each turn and how all of the game pieces come into play. You will learn who the heroes are, the damage from villains, the purpose of the location cards, strike tokens, how healing works, the meaning of influence tokens, and how to use them. Once you are confident, you can move to Game 2.

What Your Hero Can Do for You

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom are the heroes you can play to defend against the evil forces in the wizarding world. The character you select will make a difference in your ability to earn more playing cards. Some have more spells than others which puts you in a position to choose the cards you need rather than only what you can afford. Hermoine is an excellent choice, as her abilities allow you to quickly gain enough to purchase cards that may cost too much when using the other heroes.

When to Attack vs. Heal

Depending on what is happening in the game, it is generally better to attack a villain than to heal yourself each time you have an opportunity. It may seem like the right idea to save yourself each time, but maintaining a balance between the two will keep the game going for more extended play. When you spend too much time healing your character, you can give the villains more opportunities to gain control of the game. In the early stages of the game, take the time to experiment to discover what will happen if you are more aggressive with your attacks. You will find that your success rate will rise dramatically.

Why Location Cards Matter

During every game, there is a stack of location cards to go through while you play. A villain can fill a location card with tokens that will result in its ownership, and after filling all the location cards, it will result in a game loss. If you can avoid the first card filling up, it will be easier to stay in control. When you move to a second location card, the attacks are more potent, and it can be tough to stay in power. It is crucial to keep the first location card in play as long as possible. You maintain control over your location cards by destroying the villains, thus removing their ability to take over the game.

How to Manage Your Villains

The villains in the game have different levels of damage they can inflict. Choose the villain that causes the most harm and place your focus there. Rather than spread your attacks evenly, put them on the offending villain to eliminate them from the game. When you have a weak villain, it will only be necessary to use some of your tokens and avoid the risk of a far more dangerous villain taking its place.

Where to Manage Your Healings

During each game, every player starts with a health of 10, which fluctuates as the game progresses. If you run out of health, you will be "stunned" and must discard your tokens and half of your cards. On your next turn, your health resets, and you will draw new cards to continue the game. There are different ways to control how health damage affects the game. For instance, instead of spreading the damage to all players, one can take them all. This gives the others more power to continue the game.

Why Hogwarts Cards Are Important

While there are many vital cards in the game, one of the best Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle tips is never to turn a Hogwarts card down. It is the most adaptable card in the game, and as you move through to the later rounds, it will allow you to choose which dice you will roll and what the card will be. Getting familiar with using the card early will give you excellent strategy skills by the time you reach Game 7.

Where to Acquire Your Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Card Sleeves 

Now that you are ready to implement your newfound strategies in this magical game, it is time to ensure you protect your cards. Go online and make an order that allows your game to last for many years of magical enchantment. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Card Sleeves are see-through and come in 3 sizes to properly fit the game cards. Games like Hamburg, Undaunted: Stalingrad or Summer Camp require the same card sleeve sizes, so you can order universal bundles to protect your favorite games.


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