Lords of Waterdeep Tips & Tricks: Best Card Sleeves & How to Play

Lords of Waterdeep Tips & Tricks: Best Card Sleeves & How to Play

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Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game based on a fictional city within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons. The game comes with 121 Intrigue, Quest and Role cards, which require protection. To make the most out of your game, learn which Lords of Waterdeep card sleeves are the most protective and what it takes to become a better player.

Lords of Waterdeep Card Sleeves

Before planning your next game night, ensure your cards are properly protected. Every D&D enthusiast knows gathering around the table with friends can get messy. Drinks and snacks can spill, not to mention cards become worn with constant shuffling and use.

The best cards for Lords of Waterdeep include Sleeve Kings' Card Game Card Sleeves and Standard Card Game Premium Sleeves. Sleeve Kings' card sleeves are known for being thicker than the traditional standard sleeves.

Lords of Waterdeep Card Sleeve Dimensions and Specifications

The Lords of Waterdeep cards are 63 x 88mm. Standard Card Game Sleeves and Premium Standard Card Game Sleeves range from 60 to 100 microns thick.

  • 100% clear polypropylene
  • 63.5 x 88 mm
  • Acid-free
  • Archival safe
  • No PVC

When choosing Lords of Waterdeep card sleeves, stay close to the original dimensions. Incorrectly sized sleeves can bubble and allow for dust and dirt buildup.

Lords of Waterdeep Play Guide

Lords of Waterdeep has a simple game structure. After the first couple of rounds, you'll be an expert.

How To Play

The game centers around powerful lords fighting for control of the city. You need at least two players and at most, five.

Here's what each player needs to start:

  • A player board
  • One lord card
  • Two intrigue cards
  • Two quest cards
  • Set number of meeples determined by the number of players
  • Four gold (starting player; add one gold for each subsequent player)

Players move in a counterclockwise direction. Every player places a meeple onto an open space and continues until none are left. Each space dictates an action or resource for the player to take. At the end of the round, players collect their meeples. The game lasts a total of eight rounds and players tally the points they earned from all quests.

Tips and Tricks for Lords of Waterdeep

Aside from ensuring you have the best Lords of Waterdeep card sleeves, strategy is also an essential element of the game. How you play early in the game can determine your position at the end.

  • Utilize the harbor. The harbor allows you to take extra action and play an intrigue card.
  • Seek out quests early in the game to avoid losing out on good quests.
  • Become a builder. Builders seem unimportant at the beginning of the game, but the longer your buildings are left, the more victory points you receive. Builders receive a mid to late-game payoff.

Try to understand your opponents' play style and determine which items may become scarce. Focus on getting as many of the scarce resources as possible before they run out.

Protect Your Game with Lords of Waterdeep Card Sleeves

Gameplay tips are irrelevant if your game doesn't have adequate protection. Lords of Waterdeep card sleeves will help you keep your cards clean and undamaged, no matter how often you play. To find protection for your sleeves, browse our selection of game sleeves today!


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