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Protecting Your Tech: Beyond the Sun Card Sleeves for Optimal Gameplay

Protecting Your Tech: Beyond the Sun Card Sleeves for Optimal Gameplay

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Beyond the Sun is a futuristic game where you decide humankind's technological progress at the dawn of the Spacefaring Era and lead your faction in science, galactic influence and economic development. Increase your military strength to jump to different habitable exoplanetary systems and colonize them! For two to four players ages 14 and up, Beyond the Sun has a running time of up to two hours of sci-fi adventure. Ensuring you have a set of Beyond the Sun card sleeves will let you guide humanity into space for years to come.

Beyond the Sun Card Sleeves

There are 100 cards included in Beyond the Sun. Using sleeves for your game cards will protect them from the potential harm of active gameplay and the sometimes unavoidable perils of nearby snacks and drinks. The right sleeves will ensure you have the best chance to enjoy many hours of galactic exploration. Two ideal options include :

Standard Beyond the Sun card sleeves come 110 to a pack. The sleeves are 100% clear polypropylene and are over 60 microns thick, making them up to 50% thicker than sleeves sold by other companies.

  • Premium Beyond the Sun card sleeves come 55 to a pack. These heavy-duty sleeves are 100 microns thick, and made from acid-free and archival safe polypropylene, ensuring they don’t hurt your cards no matter how long you use them.

Beyond the Sun Card Sleeve Dimensions

The cards included in Beyond the Sun are 56 x 87 mm. Using the wrong size card sleeves can result in gaps that let in dust, dirt, and moisture. These standard-size card sleeves are an ideal fit for many board game cards, some of which you may already have in your home, so why not use the extra sleeves for all of them?

How to Play Beyond the Sun

Use technology and event cards to navigate through a double-sided game board and collectively decide the technological progress of the human race with other players. Over several rounds, you aim to be the leading faction, obtaining victory points by researching technologies, controlling and colonizing systems and improving economies through events and achievements. Each game turn consists of three phases: action, production and achievement. There is no set number of rounds needed to complete the game. Instead, when four total achievement discs are placed on any achievement card (no matter whose or where), the game ends with the player with the most victory points declared the winner.

Order Your Beyond the Sun Card Sleeves Today!

Keep your cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue your exoplanet expeditions! The plastic is more forgiving than the card material, making cleaning easier without degrading the cards. Your Beyond the Sun card sleeves will last far into the future with proper care, so don't hesitate to get yours today!


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