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Star Wars: Rebellion Tips, Tricks, & Best Card Sleeves

Star Wars: Rebellion Tips, Tricks, & Best Card Sleeves

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Star Wars: Rebellion is an epic and expansive game of conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance! In Rebellion, you can choose your side and experience the Civil War like never before. You must account for the movements of your troops and command your starships, then rally these complex systems for your cause. With stark differences between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, your play style will depend on which side you represent. Many game cards are included in this game, all subject to regular use. Owning a complete set of Star Wars: Rebellion card sleeves is the right choice to use against the wear and tear your cards may face in this galaxy (or even one far, far away).

Star Wars Rebellion Card Sleeves

There are 178 cards included in Star Wars: Rebellion and protecting them will make them last. Fortunately, you can choose from two kits to ensure you have the right amount of sleeves to protect them so you can enjoy hours of gameplay. Try protecting your game with these Star Wars: Rebellion card sleeves:

Premium Kit

Card sleeves in the premium kit have a quantity of 55 per pack. They feature thick, archival quality polypropylene that won’t damage your cards no matter how long you use them.

  • Two packs of SKS-9903
  • Two packs of SKS-9901

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 110 per pack. They are made from polypropylene material is acid-free and completely free of PVC

  • One pack of SKS-8808
  • One pack of SKS-8801

Star Wars: Rebellion Card Sleeve Dimensions

There are two sizes of the 178 cards included in the game. Eighty-three standard-size cards measure 58x89mm. The remaining 95 cards are a standard mini size and have a dimension of 41x63mm. These cards are used repeatedly for the game and are most susceptible to wear and tear. 

How to Play Star Wars: Rebellion

There are two different strategies to this game. As the Imperial player, you command legions of Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers and the Death Star. As a Rebel player, you command fighter squadrons, T-47 air speeders and dozens of troopers. Players use cards over several rounds until one faction has won the game. As the Imperial player, you win the game by snuffing out the Rebel Alliance, finding its base, and destroying it. If you choose to be a Rebel, you must sway the galaxy to your cause by strengthening your reputation to inspire a full-scale revolt to win the game.

Order Your Star Wars: Rebellion Card Sleeves Today!

Now is the time to use the force and protect the cards in your game! Keep your cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue secret missions to send Luke Skywalker for Jedi training or have Darth Vadar spring a trap! The plastic is more forgiving than the card material, making cleaning easier without degrading the cards. Your Star Wars: Rebellion card sleeves will last forever with proper care, so don't hesitate to get yours today!


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