The Resistance Tips & Tricks: Best Card Sleeve Types and How to Play

The Resistance Tips & Tricks: Best Card Sleeve Types and How to Play

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The Resistance is a party card game that requires players to use social deduction to destroy imperial strength. It has several versions, including the original The Resistance and The Resistance: Avalon. Before you bring The Resistance to your next game night, ensure your cards have protection with The Resistance card sleeves and follow the following tips to become an expert player.

The Resistance Card Sleeves

The Resistance lasts about 30 minutes, with most players eager to play more than once in an evening. Cards that see a lot of playing time also face various risks. The cards can become stained, damaged and worn on the edges. Card sleeves are made from a clear plastic that won't impede your vision but will protect the cards from moisture, smudges and wear and tear.

The game cards require sleeves that will fit 56 x 87 mm. Your best options include the following:

Improper-fitting card sleeves will not protect your cards nearly as well. When sleeves are too big, dust easily becomes trapped inside.

The Resistance Card Sleeve Dimensions and Specifications

The Resistance cards have a similar size to many other card games, including most FFG games. When choosing between premium and standard, remember that premium sleeves are 100 microns thick, whereas standard sleeves are 60 microns.

The Resistance card sleeves specifications include:

  • 57 x 89 mm
  • 100% clear polypropylene
  • Acid-free
  • Archival safe
  • No PVC

Premium sleeves come in a pack of 55 cards, whereas standard sleeves come in 110.

How to Play The Resistance

Players have the choice of becoming resistant operatives or imperial spies. Players depend on one another for missions against the Empire for the first three to five rounds.

Simultaneously, players must deduce the other players' identities and work to gain their trust. At the start of every round, the leader provides a certain number of players with sets of plans. The players vote on whether they want to approve the assignment. Then, once the assignment passes, players decide to support the mission or sabotage it. When a team wins three missions, they win the game.

Tips and Tricks for Winning Resistance

Start with the number one rule: Trust no one. Every team is unknown to you and you never know who the spies are. You only need one spy to ruin a mission, so remain hesitant to approve every mission.

If you are a spy, you need to get other players to trust you. Try to gain their trust by saying that you trust them. For example, vouch for good players throughout the game and that player may begin to trust you.

Try to be random. The more random you are, the less likely you will reveal your tells. For example, if you cough, fidget or accuse people of being evil without evidence consistently, people will not be able to pick up on your patterns.

Protect Yourself and Your Game with The Resistance Card Sleeves

The Resistance is an exciting game, full of mystery, intrigue and betrayal. Are you ready to bring The Resistance to the table? Before you start, browse our selection of The Resistance card sleeves to protect your cards for many game nights to come!


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