"Massive Darkness 2 All In" Compatible Sleeve Bundle (8810 X 8)
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"Massive Darkness 2 All In" Compatible Sleeve Bundle (8810 X 8)


These are all the sleeves you need to sleeve everything for the game Massive Darkness 2 (All In Pledge Bundle).  See images below for more details.  Don't get sucked into the "official sleeves" that will cost you $75+, get this bundle and sleeve the whole game for a fraction of the cost!

Note per THIS update and comments:

For everything that has been revealed as of Aug. 16. Total cards, excluding the Zombicide cards, are 1232. Now if you don't have the first Massive Darkness and leave out the upgrade cards, the total is 863 cards for Massive Darkness 2.  There are 390+ sleeves in a pack of the "add on" on the Kickstarter so you'd need $75 worth of those just to sleeve the game with add-on cards and extras, four if you sleeve the upgrade cards.

Core Box 391

Heavenfall 280

Upgrade 175

Four Horseman 40

Gates of Hell 30

Roaming Monsters Additional 164

Campaign 30

Daily Rewards 82

Stetch Goals 40

As of right now you will need 880 sleeves which is why our "Massive Darkness 2 All In" bundle is 8 packs of sleeves.  Yes our sleeves come as 110 per pack and just $2.50 per pack!  Save a bundle!!

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