Medium Square Card Sleeves (80x80mm) 110 Pack, 60 Micron, SKS-8815 – sleevekings
Medium Square Card Sleeves (80x80mm) 110 Pack, 60 Micron, SKS-8815
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SKU: SKS-8815

Medium Square Card Sleeves (80x80mm) 110 Pack, 60 Micron, SKS-8815


We are excited to be offering these Sleeves!

  • Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves-Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns. Ours are 60-microns thick! That is 50% more than most!
  • 10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys-Most sleeves come 100/pack. We are the only brand offering 110 per pack! 10% more FREE!
  • Cheaper Than Other Brands-Most brands retail for $3 or more per 50 pack. We are offering ours for $2-$3 per pack for even the largest sizes.
  • Buy Direct From The Manufacturer & Save!-How are we able to offer these so cheap? We ARE sleeve-kings-! This is our brand! We buy directly from the factory and sell directly to you. There is no middleman!
  • "Tough As Nails!" We are guaranteeing our sleeve will not split! This is literally a first in the industry. For more info on how we do this click HERE.

These are sized to fit cards Medium Square Card Sleeves (80x80mm).These are designed to fit these games, and more!

Game Title          # Cards Width    Length

Augustus             100         80           80

Castle    56           80           80

Clockwork Wars (Square cards)  45           80           80

Draconis Invasion (Square Cards) - Retail                39           80           80

Draconis Invasion (Square Cards) - Victory             45           80           80

Draconis Invasion (Square Cards) - warror             45           80           80

Dungeon Twister: The Card Game             128         80           80

Dwar7s Fall         100         80           80

Empire Engine   18           80           80

Five Tribes (djinn cards) 22           80           80

Gem Rush ( Square)        48           76.5        76.5

Gloobz  56           80           80

Hanabi ( Galu00e1pagos Jogos Brazilian edition  71           80           80

Hanabi (European Editions)         60           80           80

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (Square cards)       47           76           80

Jungle Speed Safari         42           80           80

Jungle Speed: Deluxe     200         80           80

Jungle Speed?   80           80           80

Les taxis de la Marne      55           80           80

Manga Party      60           80           80

Nosferatu           73           80           80

Railways of the World    54           80           80

Rise of Augustus               88           80           80

Si J'u00e9tais Pru00e9sident.t    54           80           80

Stellar Conflict   88           80           80

Swamped            44           80           80

The 7th Continent           702         80           80

The 7th Continent All Expansions              1350       80           80

The 7th Continent The Forbidden Sancuary          96           80           80

The 7th Continent: Facing the Elements 40           80           80

The 7th Continent: Fear the Devourers   30           80           80

The 7th Continent: Path of Repentance 30           80           80

The 7th Continent: Swamp of Madness  96           80           80

The 7th Continent: The Icy Maze               96           80           80

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow: The Village  29           80           80

Uchronia              80           80           80

Vie         54           80           80

We Have Goats!               180         80           80

Werewolves of Millers Hollow    24           80           80

Werewolves of Millers Hollow: Characters            24           80           80

** Note Game Titles and their intellectual property rights are © and TM of their respective rights holders, no challenge to these rights is expressed or implied.  Compatibility claims only extend to the physical size of the cards in each respective game and no claim to endorsement or authorization by the respective rights holders is expressed or implied by Sleeve Kings.  Our products are compatible with the respective games only and all rights are reserved by the respective rights holders.



Sleeve Kings Sleeves FAQ

These FAQs can guide your decision on purchasing a set of our quality card sleeves.

What is the purpose of card sleeves? 

Card sleeves protect your cards from everyday wear and tear and accidental spills. Card sleeves can also protect your cards from environmental damage caused by sunlight and moisture.

Card sleeves support easy handling as well. If your cards are thin and flimsy, sleeves make shuffling easier. Sleeves also help distinguish your cards from everyone else's.

Do sleeves scratch cards? 

Card sleeves do not scratch cards if you follow instructions and confirm that small particles are not trapped in the sleeve prior to insertion.

How important is double sleeving? 

Double sleeving is not necessary but is highly recommended to provide extra protection against accidental spills.

How do you properly sleeve cards? 

First, inspect your card sleeves for any dust or dirt. Remove particles as necessary. Next, hold your card sleeve between your thumb and index finger and gently slide the back and front sides together to form a small pocket. Slide your card into the pocket and push down until your card is fully covered.

How do you flatten sleeves on cards? 

To prevent bubbling, select a sleeve that is very close to your card's exact size. To flatten your sleeved cards, weigh them down on a warm surface with several heavy books.

What are the best strategy board games for adults? 

While there are 100s of strategy board games for adults, some of the best ones include:

  • Settlers of Catan
  • Risk
  • Dominion
  • Pandemic
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Splendor
  • Gloomhaven

These games include cards that should be protected to ensure that they last for a long time.

What games do adults like to play?

Popular adult games are typically easy to learn but challenging to win. Playtime can range from 30 minutes to three hours. Longer games are usually enjoyed by board game enthusiasts. Most of these games feature playing cards that should be sleeved.

Combined Shipping

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If you are in Utah and want to pick up your order from us, go ahead and check out on your order and email to let us know you would like to pick up your order.  We can arrange for that and refund your shipping when you pick up at our warehouse at 380 West 700 South Ste #3  Springville UT 84663.  We are generally there M-F from about 10 to 4.

    Map Policy:

    Yes we have a MAP POLICY and you can read it HERE. In a nutshell we do NOT allow stores/distributors to sell any of our products online, especially not on Amazon's marketplace.

    EU & UK Orders:

    If you are in the UK or EU and want to purchase card sleeves we cannot sell to you from this website.  Doing so would require us to remit VAT taxes to all EU countries and the UK and it just isn't practical for us to do that.  Instead you can order from and we will ship directly from our partner warehouse in Greece.  Note that carries all Sleeve Kings sleeves as well as Mayday card sleeves.  Please do not try to check out on any shipments to the EU or the UK from our website as we will only have to refund you for the order and ask you to order from our EU website.  

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