Sleeve Kings "Tiny Epic Compatible" Sleeves (88x125mm) - 110 Pack, -SKS-8818
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SKU: SKS-8818

Sleeve Kings "Tiny Epic Compatible" Sleeves (88x125mm) - 110 Pack, -SKS-8818


Please note these do NOT fit the cards for ONE DECK DUNGEON as those have been reported to be slightly larger cards than the publisher reported. Check comments HERE.

We are excited to be offering these sleeves!

  • Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves  -Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns.  Ours are 60-microns thick! That is 50% more than most!
  • 10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys -Most sleeves come 100/pack.  We are the only brand offering 110 per pack!  10% more FREE! 
  • Cheaper Than Other Brands  -Most brands retail for $3 or more per 50 pack.  We are offering ours for $2-$3 per pack for even the largest sizes. 
  • Buy Direct From The Manufacturer & Save!  -How are we able to offer these so cheap?  We ARE sleeve-kings-!  This is our brand!  We buy directly from the factory and sell directly to you.  There is no middleman!
  • "Tough As Nails!" We are guaranteeing our sleeve will not split!  This is literally a first in the industry. For more info on how we do this click HERE.

These sleeves are perfect for any games with 88 X 125 MM cards.  Some games that have these sizes include:

Black Stories
Campaign Trail
Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!
Dragonfire: Adventures – A Corruption in Calimshan
Dragonfire: Adventures – Chaos in the Trollclaws
Dragonfire: Adventures – Ravaging The Sword Coast
Dragonfire: Adventures – Sea of Swords
Dragonfire: Adventures – Shadows Over Dragonspear Castle
Dragonfire: Adventures – Sword Mountains Crypt
Dragonfire: Campaign – Moonshae Storms
Epic Resort
Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker
Hail Hydra
In Tenebris Lux
Into the Forest
Iron and Oak ( large)
Kittens in a Blender
Kodama Duo
Kodama: The Tree Spirits (Large cards)
Letter GO!
Lobotomy ( Large cards)
Lobotomy: From the Deep (Large Cards)
Of Dreams & Shadows
One Deck Dungeon (Large Cards)
One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows (Large cards)
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Large Cards)
The Battle of Five Armies Special Unit Cards
The Big Book of Madness : (Large Cards)
The Shadow Over Westminster (Large cards)
The Walking Dead: All Out War (large "Character Cards" cards)
The Willow Game (Character Cards)
Tiny Epic Defenders (Large Cards)
Tiny Epic Galaxies (Character Cards)
Tiny Epic Galaxies (Large Cards)
Tiny epic Galaxies Beyond the Black (Large CardsE
TIny Epic Kingdoms
Tiny Epic Quest
Tiny Epic Quest: Quest for the Golden Mushrooms
Tiny Epic Zombies
Tiny Epic Zombies: Deluxe Content
Ultimate Werewolf Legacy
Unicornus Knights
Wanted: Rich or Dead
Wrath of Dragons

** Note Game Titles and their intellectual property rights are © and TM of their respective rights holders, no challenge to these rights is expressed or implied.  Compatibility claims only extend to the physical size of the cards in each respective game and no claim to endorsement or authorization by the respective rights holders is expressed or implied by Sleeve Kings.  Our products are compatible with the respective games only and all rights are reserved by the respective rights holders.

Sleeve Kings Sleeves FAQ

I chose USPS Priority Mail Express  but my package is late! What's happening?

As of October 2021, the USPS has temporarily suspended the guarantee on Priority Mail Express in the following countries:

  • Australia
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These suspensions will be in effect until further notice. The USPS is taking all reasonable measures to minimize impact to their customers.

Which Sleeves Fit My Cards?

We make it easy to find out!

Sleeve Protection

The Sleeve Kings Difference:

So how are Sleeve Kings' sleeves different from the rest?

  • Thicker Than Any Other "Standard" Sleeves  -Most "Standard" Sleeves are 40 microns thick, a few are even 50 microns.  Ours are 60 microns thick! That is 50% more than most!
  • 10% More Sleeves Than The Other Guys -Standard sleeves come 100/pack.  We are the only brand offering 110 per pack!  10% more in every pack! 
  • The "Clear" Winner -Our sleeves are made from Cleartech™ Polypropylene.  Our sleeves are made from 60 micron thick sheets which are demonstrably clearer than the other guys.  You can actually SEE the difference.  Just as diamonds are rated on a clarity scale, even 100% polypropylene can vary significantly from product to product depending on how it is manufactured.  You will see the difference!

Combined Shipping

If you aren't aware, Swan Panasia shares a warehouse in Utah, USA with both and  If you want to order some Sleeve Kings products along with products from either of those websites we can easily combine the orders and refund you any shipping across any of these three sites.  Please just put in your orders from the same email account and be sure they are both shipping to the same address, then email to with the email subject of "Combined Shipping".  Tell us the two order numbers and Curt will combine the two orders in our shipping software and refund you back the difference.  Note that sometimes our warehouse is TOO efficient and ships out before we can get the word to combine orders, but if that happens Curt will still refund your shipping.    


If you are in Utah and want to pick up your order from us, go ahead and check out on your order and email to let us know you would like to pick up your order.  We can arrange for that and refund your shipping when you pick up at our warehouse at 380 West 700 South Ste #3  Springville UT 84663.  We are generally there M-F from about 10 to 4.

    Map Policy:

    Yes we have a MAP POLICY and you can read it HERE. In a nutshell we do NOT allow stores/distributors to sell any of our products online, especially not on Amazon's marketplace.

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