"Smart Starter" 122 Pack Kit + 2 Sleeve Finder Playmats
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SKU: SKS-7777

"Smart Starter" 122 Pack Kit + 2 Sleeve Finder Playmats

$333.50 $291.83

This is our Intro Bundle for new wholesale accounts, you are getting a good mix of our products at a special price.  When purchased separately this retails for $323.50, but we have it priced so that wholesale accounts can get this for a massive 65% off retail!  Here is what you are getting:

Don't worry, the math works out.  333.50 @ 65% off is $116.78, the amount we want you to pay.  So we priced this at $291.83, since 60% off of 291.83 is $116.78 as well.  This product was featured at our soft release at GAMA 2019.  This pricing is a limited time offer.


Mayday Games Sleeves FAQ

Which Sleeves Fit My Cards?

We make it easy to find out!

Premium VS Standard Protection

Premium Protection

  • Thickness: 90 microns.
  • Protection level: Indestructible!
  • Great for the serious collector or gaming enthusiast with serious protection in mind.

Standard Protection

  • Thickness: 40 microns.
  • Protection level: Can't touch this!
  • Perfect for the casual budget-minded gamer, or even for the serious gamer who prefers a slightly thinner sleeve.

Bargain "Almost a Penny" Protection

  • Thickness: 30 micron
  • Protection level: Solid
  • Good for the casual gamer on a tight budget for games that don't see as much play.

Games FAQ

Please contact our support team if you have any questions about any of our sleeves.

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