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7 Features That Make Board Games Fun for Everyone

7 Features That Make Board Games Fun for Everyone

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Let's face it: not all games are created equal. Some are so engaging and exciting that you want to play them again as soon as you finish one round. Others get packed up and put in the back of the closet. Whether you are looking for something to do with friends, activities for family game night, or an excellent gift for the office holiday gift exchange, you want fun board games that will leave everyone excited to play again, like Catapult Castle!

At Sleeve Kings, we know everyone has their unique preference for games. We also know that there are some games that appeal to a wide range of people. These often have a common set of features. If you are still wondering what makes a board game fun, keep reading to find some of the features that players praise the most.

1. You Want To Play Them Over and Over Again

The best games are fresh and replayable. By that, we mean that no matter how many times you shuffle the deck of cards, you still anxiously anticipate the opening move. This creates excitement about playing the game — excitement you know will be rewarded by a fun and engaging experience.

Games with booster packs or spin-off editions can help extend their playability even further. On the other hand, if you have mastered the basic moves and figured out the overall strategy after playing a game once or twice, it loses its appeal. There's a good chance it will get put away and forgotten until you decide to clean out the closest.

2. Fun Games Have Themes

If you think about some of the most popular and enduring games, you will notice that many have themes that allow you to become immersed in the action. This does not necessarily translate into intricate boards or pieces since simple books can be immersive. Instead, the most fun games tend to set the stage with details and storylines that draw players in, much like Escape From the Asylum.

In some cases, these carry well beyond normal game play. Much like with television shows and movies, this is especially true of games that allow you to take the theme into your daily life. Accessories and clothing with your favorite game characters let you share your favorite games and hobbies with everyone around you.

3. They Encourage Social Interaction and Group Activities

At their core, board games are social activities. Therefore, they should encourage interaction between players, whether that is group decision-making, cooperative play, or friendly competition. For example, Red Outpost allows up to 4 players.

A group of people forms teams. A member of each one tries to draw the provided phrase while their teammates guess. Then, if they are unsuccessful, the other teams get a chance. This encourages everyone to pay attention, listen to others, and stay engaged. It also allows everyone to laugh at failed drawing efforts or way-off-base guesses.

So, the best and most fun board games are ones where a group of people can get together and immerse themselves in the art of play.

4. Games Should Be Age Appropriate

Games have age ranges for very good reasons. One of those is safety. Pieces in games geared toward adults or older kids may be too small for little kids and pose a potential choking hazard. They can also be difficult to manipulate, making it hard for little kids to play along.

Additionally, giving small children a game designed for adults — or vice-versa — will usually result in frustration and boredom. Kids may not understand the purpose of a game, or they could have trouble understanding instructions. Conversely, there are only so many preschool games that an adult can play without losing patience.

One great game for kids and adults is Bamboo Bash!

5. They Have a Reasonable Pace of Play

Playing a game should not feel like a chore. Instead, the pace should move along quickly enough to keep everyone engaged but slowly enough for everyone to follow what is going on. This usually means a minute or so between each move or turn. Some games, like the card games Spit or Slam, move more quickly as each player tries to get his move in before the others.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, chess can have long periods of downtime between moves. However, instead of causing boredom while you wait for your opponent to make her move, these pauses are excellent opportunities to plan your strategy and look for potential openings.

6. Fun Board Games Often Have Elements of Surprise

Everyone has their own feelings about being surprised. However, even if you aren't a huge fan of surprises, the games you go back to again and again probably have a few up their sleeves. That's because an element of surprise can make a game more fun and engaging. It also keeps things from becoming dull with repeated play.

Game surprises can take many forms. For example, a specific player move may trigger a sequence of events. In other cases, players themselves provide the surprises with unexpected moves or decisions. This is especially common in strategy games, where each player takes a unique approach.

7. Fun Games Do Not Require Extensive Set Up and Take Down

When exploring what makes a board game fun to play, ease of setup is an often overlooked feature. However, it's important to remember that it is not much fun if you have to spend tons of time setting up and taking down your game pieces to play.

When shopping for fun board games, take a few minutes to consider how involved the layout is. If you are going to spend as much time setting it up as playing it, you might want to look at something else.

Find Your New Favorite Games

If you are looking for fun board games to play with family and friends, Sleeve Kings has you covered. We carry premium protective sleeves to keep your favorite cards safe and ready for the next round of action, regardless of your favorite game.


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