Battle to the Death: Tips to Win Every Time at Star Realms

Battle to the Death: Tips to Win Every Time at Star Realms

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The objective of Star Realms is simple: become strong enough to destroy your competitors’ authority through assaults on their ships and bases. Your success at protecting and building your own authority depends on obtaining powerful vessels capable of winning combat, and that goal is advanced through smart deck building.

Star Realms Card Sleeves

The Star Realms Core Set contains 128 cards, and their standard 63.5mm by 88mm size means you have several good sleeve options:

Standard Card Game Premium Sleeves SKS-9905

Sleeve Kings Card Game Card Sleeves SKS-8810

Perfect Fit Internal(Inner) Card Sleeves SKS-7711

All of the sleeves mentioned above are the correct 63.5x88mm size required to fit Star Realms cards. Acid-free and safe for your cards, the sleeves are manufactured using polypropylene instead of potentially damaging PVC. The SKS-8810 and SKS-7711 sleeves feature the standard 60-micron thickness; if you want a more robust sleeve, go for the 100-micron premium version (SKS-9905). Premium cards come in packs of 55 sleeves, while the standard cards are sold in 110-sleeve packs.

Trade, Upgrade, Fight and Win

In Star Realms, you are pitting your Authority against that of your opponent. You win the game once you have completely wiped out the Authority of the other player. The key to destroying a rival player’s Authority is Combat, but you also must use Trade to build a fleet that can be successful in battle.

The most critical stage of each turn is the Main Phase, during which you can play any of your cards that you wish. Of course, this is the stage during which the all-important Combat happens, but it is also a chance to take actions that better prepare you for Combat later. You may build your deck by buying from the Trade Deck during this phase, but there are other ways to maximize the fierceness of your fleet. Remember that any new cards you get in this phase won’t be usable until the next turn, meaning Trade is all about planning ahead. Don’t be short-sighted! It’s especially important to be mindful of the extra benefits that you will get from having more than one card of the same faction.

One essential tactic you cannot afford to overlook in Star Realms scrapping. Make the most of every chance to scrap less powerful cards; after all, opportunistically getting rid of less effective cards is the foundation of building a better deck.

Also, don’t forget the opportunities to upgrade your Authority or Combat and Trade power by utilizing the special abilities of any ships or bases. Special abilities can be a lifesaver when most of your fleet still consists of low-power ships. Speaking of ships, it’s a mistake to become so focused on the offensive power of your fleet that you forget about the powerful defensive benefits of bases and stations. When playing against a crafty opponent, it doesn’t pay to put all of your Authority in one basket.

If you like deck-building games that depend as much on thwarting your opponent as on promoting yourself, you’ll like Star Realms. It’s a fast-paced game that can get quite competitive and even raucous, depending on your game night crew. Find the right Star Realms card sleeves to help shield your ships and bases by following this link.


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