Save London From the Horror: How to Play Sorcerer & Card Sleeve Specs

Save London From the Horror: How to Play Sorcerer & Card Sleeve Specs

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Sorcerer is a hybrid dark fantasy game that combines the strategy of a card game with the tactical excitement of a board game. This unique dueling card game was created by Wise Wizard Games for 2-4 players.

Sorcerer Card Sleeves

Protect the cards in the Sorcerer game with sleeves to keep them in pristine condition and extend the life of the game. Sleeve Kings offers a variety of game sleeve options. 67 x 92 is the recommended sleeve size for Sorcerer card sleeves to keep your cards protected. 

Game Specs

The packaging of the Sorcerer game is intricate, with the inside cover decorated like a velvet-lined box that serves as a tray for rolling the dice. The box includes 173 cards and three card dividers. It also includes four player boards, four battlefield boards (three London battlefields and one underground battlefield). The action of the game is controlled by seven battle dice, one energy die, a dozen glass beads (half blue and half red), seven wooden cubes, a foam block, four character standees, three fate counters, 49 flame/arthropod counters, and 69 damage/omen counters. 

How to Play the Game

To play Sorcerer, each player chooses a Character, Domain, and Lineage card to create a unique sorcerer. Each player also has a skill card that provides the true sorcerer name and specific abilities for use in the game. The shuffled remaining decks form a grimoire that contains shady magical powers and evil minions, setting the stage for exciting game play. 

Ready Phase

In the ready phase, cards that were tapped in the previous round are untapped. The first player can pass energy to the other players and all action trackers re-set. Each player receives one omen token and places a player token on one of the battlefield boards.

Action Phase

With each turn, players alternate drawing cards, casting spells, gathering energy, or playing minions. The options for actions in this phase include the following:

  • Activate power on a card
  • Cast a spell by spending energy to play a card
  • Channel energy
  • Meditate by drawing two cards
  • Reinforce by moving minions on the board

Battle Phase

In this phase, minions can attack on the battlefields. The power of the minions are impacted with dice rolls and omens. As minions become damaged, they can be removed from play, resulting in the damaging team winning the battlefield site. This phase continues until all the minions have either attacked or passed and all three battlefield sites have been won.

End of Round Phase

Certain cards have "end of round" effects. Each player resolves these effects during this phase of the game. When there are multiple end of round effects, these are resolved one at a time in whatever order is desired.

Buy Sorcerer Card Sleeves

The Wise Wizard Sorcerer game offers numerous possibilities for game play, presenting a new experience every time. While the game is designed for two to four players, it has the flexibility to support team play, and expansion purchases can create an entirely different type of play. Protect the game that you will play over and over again by purchasing Sorcerer card sleeves.


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