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Best Sushi Go! Card Sleeves for Long-Lasting Fun

Best Sushi Go! Card Sleeves for Long-Lasting Fun

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Sushi Go is a strategic card game that challenges you to put together the best lineup of sushi dishes in order to score the most points and be crowned a sushi master. The game features 108 cards with cute sushi character illustrations that add humor and charm to your game night. A game this good is well worth playing, and cards this cute are worth protecting!

Sushi Go Card Sleeves

Sushi Go cards get passed around a lot as you’re playing, and most of the deck will be used in a typical game. On top of that, a full three rounds of Sushi Go can be played quickly, meaning you’ll probably play several games back to back. With all that handling, you’re going to want to protect your Sushi Go cards. A good acid-free card sleeve can keep your cards immaculate for many game nights to come.

Sleeve Kings Standard USA Card Sleeves are ideal Sushi Go card sleeves because their 60-micron thickness means they should stand up to many rounds of play without tearing. At 56 mm by 87 mm, the SKS-8807 sleeve will fit Sushi Go cards very well, without making them feel too bulky or awkward to shuffle and handle. Acid-free and archival safe materials mean you can leave your cards in the sleeves for years with no risk of damage.

Playing Sushi Go

A game of Sushi Go includes three rounds of play, during which you choose one card from your hand to keep, passing your other cards along to the person on your left. You keep choosing and passing this way until each person is handed the last remaining card from each hand, ending the round. Scores are tallied at the end of each round, based on the values of the different types of sushi you’ve collected. Pudding cards act as a sort of “bonus” potential, with their scores not being tallied until the end of the game.

Different types of sushi cards are scored in different ways. Nigiri cards are all worth points, with egg being the lowest scoring and squid the highest. Tempura and Sashimi cards are only worth points if collected in sets of two Tempuras or three Sashimis. One dumpling card only gets you one point, but the more dumplings you have, the more their point value multiplies. Wasabi and Chopsticks cards give you no points; however, they are very desirable for the benefits they provide during the game. Wasabi increases the value of any nigiri you “dip” in it, and the Chopsticks card allows you to keep an additional card from your hand.

Maki and Pudding cards can make a big difference in whether you win or lose, due to their unique scoring. You’ll only get points for Makis if you have the highest or second-highest number of Maki rolls. Pudding cards, likewise, only score points if you have the most puddings at the end of the game; sadly, if you have the least puddings, you lose points. You may want to leave the Puddings out of a two-player game if you feel they’ll have too much impact on the final score.

The fast play and portability of Sushi Go could make it one of your most-played games, and you’ll definitely want to defend your cards against damage and wear. To get your hands on the best card sleeves for Sushi Go, click the button below.


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