Game Night: Codenames Tips, Tricks & Best Card Sleeves for Protection

Game Night: Codenames Tips, Tricks & Best Card Sleeves for Protection

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Codenames challenges your cleverness and communication skills as you and your friends become spies trying to "make contact" with friendly agents and avoid hostile ones by guessing the codenames they've been assigned. The relatively fast pace of this game encourages repeated playing, which can both extend your game night fun and increase the wear on your cards. While Codenames cards are well-made, even the best cards can become worn or stained, especially if you allow snacks or drinks at your game table. To keep your Codenames cards looking great, you'll need high-quality Codenames card sleeves.

Codenames Card Sleeves that Fit

To protect your cards, you need Codenames card sleeves that fit the multiple sizes of cards included in the game. Luckily, the right sleeves are readily available if you know where to look.

Be a Better Spy or Spymaster in Codenames

You can have loads of fun playing Codenames whether you win or lose, but winning is always better!  Whether you're an Operative or the Spymaster, the game requires not only verbal skill but also inventiveness and foresight. On top of those skills, you can ensure your spy team comes out on top with a few smart strategies.

  • Use clues that connect your codenames. Try to think of connections between your agents' codenames that will allow you to give a clue that applies to as many of them as possible. This may get harder to do as the game goes on, but always try to help your team guess multiple correct words.
  • Watch the enemy spies. As a field operative team member, try to pay attention to the other team's failed guesses at their Spymaster’s clues. Maybe you can figure out the clue that they didn’t. If so, you’ll know at least one of the words that is a codename for their team, which means you can avoid guessing it on your team’s turn.
  • Take your turn at being the Spymaster. You may find this role intimidating and want to let others take the lead, but it’s a good idea for everyone to get practice playing as both an Operative and a Spymaster. Playing both roles can help strengthen your skills on both sides of the table.
  • Never forget about the Assassin! When you’re the Spymaster, you should never give a clue without first making sure that it won’t fit the Assassin's codename. Remember, if your team mistakenly chooses the Assassin, it’s game over!

Codenames is a game that is easy to learn but never stops being challenging to play. This winning combination means that your game nights could include many rounds of this addictive game. To keep your Codenames cards in great shape, find the best Codenames card sleeves at Sleeve Kings!


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