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How to Choose the Best Pokemon Card Sleeves for Your Collection

How to Choose the Best Pokemon Card Sleeves for Your Collection

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Serious and casual Pokemon card collectors alike have long understood the importance of keeping their cards pristine. Without sleeves, cards face all sorts of risks, including corner damage, scratches, edge wear, scuffs and UV damage. If you like to play Pokemon TCG or want a way to display the cards safely, you need the best Pokemon card sleeves.

Best Pokemon Card Sleeves

There are three crucial considerations when choosing sleeves: durability, shuffling ease and aesthetics. Card sleeves should make it easier for you to shuffle the deck, not harder.

Sleeves should be clear and made of durable material that stand up to long-term use and can withstand accidental spills and moisture.

Card Game Card Sleeves

The standard card game sleeves are the most common among players. If you play other games, like Magic: The Gathering, you'll find that the sleeves for Pokemon also fit MTG cards. Pokemon cards are 63.5x88mm (2.5”x3.5”), so look for sleeves with those internal dimensions; the sleeves for these cards may also be listed by their external dimensions of 66x91mm.

Standard Card Game Premium Sleeves

Premium sleeves are 125% thicker than standard sleeves. If you play Pokemon TCG frequently, your cards may be exposed to food and spill damage. Thicker sleeves provide extra protection for your rarest cards and the cards with the most playtime.

Sleeve Dimensions and Specifications

Be sure to look for card game sleeves that meet the following specifications:

  • Size: 63.5mm x 88mm
  • Materials: 100% clear polypropylene
  • No PVC
  • Acid-Free
  • Archival Safe

The ideal Pokemon card sleeves have to fit snugly; otherwise, the plastic can bubble and dust can settle beneath the plastic.

Pokemon Card Guide

Mastering Pokemon TCG is all about understanding the fundamentals. The Pokemon Trading Card Game sets two players against one another with their own set of unique cards. The goal of the game is to claim six prize cards before the opponent.

Most Pokemon are worth one point. However, powerful Pokemon called V and VStar are worth two points and VMax Pokemon are worth three.

At the start of the game, you and your opponent draw seven cards from a 60-card deck. Of your seven cards, you must have at least one basic Pokemon. You can place additional basic Pokemon on your bench.

You and your opponent reveal your active Pokemon at the same time and start the game. You draw one card during your turn and can evolve your Pokemon, place more on the bench or attach an energy card. To end your turn, you use one of your Pokemon's attacks against the opponent.

Protect Your Cards with the Best Pokemon Card Sleeves

To protect your collection, you need the best Pokemon card sleeves available. The most important attribute of quality Pokemon sleeves is their size. Standard Pokemon cards require sleeves with 63.5mm x 88mm dimensions. Additionally, if you play your cards often, you may want thicker sleeves to protect against potential spills. To find the correct sleeves for your collection, browse through our selection.


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