How to Play Scythe: Strategies and Card Sleeve Specs – sleevekings


How to Play Scythe: Strategies and Card Sleeve Specs

How to Play Scythe: Strategies and Card Sleeve Specs

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Scythe is a strategic engine-building game set in an alternate world during the 1920s. It is a time of war, broken hearts, farming, rusted gears, courage and innovation. The capitalistic city-state known as "The Factory" has closed its doors after fueling a war with heavily armored machines, gaining the attention of nearby countries. In this game, for one to five players ages 14 and up, each player attempts to claim land and fortune around the mysterious Factory. The cards in this game are essential, and owning the right set of Scythe card sleeves will protect them, allowing you to use your resources to claim victory again and again.

Scythe Card Sleeves

Scythe has 146 cards that all come into play for various reasons during the game. Due to the long playtime of up to two hours, cards can be subject to wear and tear. There are several size cards to protect, so it’s important to order the right sizes of Scythe card sleeves:

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 110 per pack. These 60 mil polypropylene sleeves are up to twice as thick as cut-rate sleeves, and are made from acid free, archival safe material that will never damage your cards.

  • One pack of SKS-8803
  • One pack of SKS-8808
  • Two packs of SKS-8813

A bundle pack is available that contains all three sizes and quantities compatible with the game and its expansion editions - SKS-5565.

Scythe Card Sleeve Dimensions

There are three different sizes of card dimensions and card sleeves for Scythe. Fifty-four standard-size cards measure 57.5x89mm. There are 42 cards of a standard mini size with a 44x68mm dimension. Finally, 50 large cards measure 70x110 mm. These cards are all used repeatedly for the game and are susceptible to degradation. Using the right size sleeves is essential - oversized sleeves leave gaps that let in dust, dirt, and moisture.

How to Play Scythe

Each player begins with a unique starting location on the game board and a hidden goal provided by the cards. Players receive resources such as coins, power, popularity and combat acumen. From there, each player takes turns drawing cards that will assist them in their secret objective. You are in almost complete control of your fate, including choices of combat, with the exception of drawing "encounter cards," which add luck and variability to the game. The game does not have rounds or phases, so players progress through the game with repeated turns until one places their sixth star on the board, which ends the game with the player holding the most coins declared as the winner. 

Order Your Scythe Card Sleeves Today!

Protect your cards with the same diligence you use to oversee your territory! Keep your cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, moisture and sticky fingers so you can explore new lands with your family and friends far into the future. The plastic is more forgiving than the card material, making cleaning easier without causing damage. Your Scythe card sleeves will last forever with proper care, so don't hesitate to order your complete set today!


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