The Basics of Viticulture: Beginner's Guide to Rules & Card Sleeve Siz – sleevekings


The Basics of Viticulture: Beginner's Guide to Rules & Card Sleeve Sizes

The Basics of Viticulture: Beginner's Guide to Rules & Card Sleeve Sizes

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Viticulture is a strategy game of worker placement. Having inherited a meager vineyard in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany, you have a few plots of land, a tiny cellar, an old crush pad and only three workers. Your dream is to make your winery a success! Fortunately, the eager people who love to visit your winery are happy to help. With play times up to an hour and a half, however, your cards can face a lot of wear and tear, so protecting them with a set of Viticulture card sleeves is your best bet to keep them safe.

Viticulture Card Sleeves

The cards in Viticulture are as valuable as a rare bottle of wine, so you will need to protect them to make them last. Luckily, the right card sleeves are much easier to find than a Château Cheval Blanc 1947, and a lot less expensive, too! There are two great options for Viticulture card sleeves:

Standard Kit

Standard card sleeves have a quantity of 110 per pack. Although thinner than the Premium sleeve, their 60 mil polypropylene is up to twice as thick as cheap sleeves from other sources.

  • One pack of SKS-8810
  • Two packs of SKS-8803

Premium Kit

Premium card sleeves have a quantity of 55 per pack. Only the standard-size sleeves are available for the premium pack, so you will need to use the Standard sleeves above for your smaller cards.

  • Two packs of SKS-9905

Viticulture Card Sleeve Dimensions

There are many editions and expansion versions of Viticulture. The current edition comes with 232 cards. Seventy-eight standard-size cards measure 63x88mm. The remaining 154 cards have a dimension of 44x68mm. Both card varieties are used repeatedly for the game and are susceptible to wear and tear. Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition and Viticulture: Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture all include cards with the same dimensions as the current edition, allowing you to protect the cards in any of these games with ease.

How to Play Viticulture

Your objective is to allocate workers and visitors to complete various tasks throughout the seasons. Each player receives cards that determine available resources, such as worker cards, vine cards, and summer visitor cards. Matching the right tasks to the right seasons is vital. Beginning with Spring, each player places a rooster on a wake-up chart to determine the player order for the rest of the year. For Summer, Autumn and Winter, tasks and worker actions take place to progress through the game until Year End. At this time, players count their total grape and wine tokens, return workers to their vineyard mats and the game ends with the player who exceeds 20 points as the winner.

Order Your Viticulture Card Sleeves Today!

Keep your cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture to make your game age gracefully! The plastic is more forgiving than the card material, making cleaning easier without degrading the cards. The Viticulture card sleeves will last forever with proper care, so don't hesitate to get your set today!


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