King of Tokyo Card Sleeves: Protect Your Monsters from Wear & Tear

King of Tokyo Card Sleeves: Protect Your Monsters from Wear & Tear

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King of Tokyo is a chance for you to choose your role as one of many strange aliens, mutant monsters and gigantic robots whacking each other at will to destroy Tokyo and become the King! Show your claws and eliminate your enemies in this game for two to six players ages eight and up. This game is fun for the whole family with a 30-minute play time, so you can enjoy playing numerous games with exciting outcomes. Find out who is the fiercest to occupy Tokyo! You will want to preserve the cards in this game, so ensure you have a complete set of King of Tokyo card sleeves to keep them safe from wear and tear.

King of Tokyo Card Sleeves

Protecting your King of Tokyo game cards will make them last, especially when the whole family (including young ones!) gathers around to enjoy the game with snacks and sodas. The game has 66 cards to preserve. Luckily, the cards are all the same size, making your selection a breeze. Here are two perfect options for the King of Tokyo Card Sleeves you need to protect your game cards:

Standard Sleeves

Standard card sleeves have a quantity of 110 per pack. Extra sleeves will be available when you order the standard kit sleeves.

  • One pack of SKS-8810

Premium Sleeves

Premium card sleeves have a quantity of 55 per pack. Extra sleeves will be available when you order the standard kit sleeves.

  • Two packs of SKS-9905

King of Tokyo Card Sleeve Dimensions

The dimensions for the cards included in King of Tokyo are 63.5 x 88 mm. The standard-size card sleeves are an excellent fit for many board game cards, some of which you may already have in your home and require a set for protection! The 66 regular play cards are used repeatedly in this game; safeguarding them is your best bet to make them last against wear and tear.

How to Play King of Tokyo

As a player, you take on the role of a gigantic monster willing to go to great lengths to become King of Tokyo. On your turn, you may roll a set of dice up to three times until you get the desired result. Your actions are dictated by the symbols displayed on the dice, challenging you to resolve any adversities you face. With a lucky roll, you can gain actions such as victory points for a three-of-a-kind, energy for a lightning bolt, monster smashes for a hand symbol, and so on. Finally, enter Tokyo and establish your monster in Tokyo City. Win the game by accumulating 20 points to destroy Tokyo entirely or be the only surviving monster once the fighting ends.

Get Your King of Tokyo Card Sleeves Today!

Preserve your cards and keep them safe from damage from dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue playing this explosive game! With the proper sleeves, your King of Tokyo cards will last forever, so don't hesitate to order your set today!


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