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Ticket to Ride Strategies: Tips, Tricks, & Best Card Sleeves

Ticket to Ride Strategies: Tips, Tricks, & Best Card Sleeves

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Ticket to Ride is a fun game of strategy that is especially enjoyable for people who love to travel. The game comes with a board, five markers of various colors and two types of cards. Because the cards determine your points and how you claim routes on the board, keeping them in pristine condition is essential for gameplay. Investing in the right card sleeves can help protect your cards from rips, stains and tears.

Ticket to Ride Card Sleeves

During gameplay, Ticket to Ride cards can easily get worn or damaged while you deal them to different players or draw for your next turn. They can also become stained if you accidentally spill food or drink on them. Ticket to Ride card sleeves provide a protective layer that preserves the cards and keeps them in good condition.


Ticket to Ride comes with 144 cards that measure either 44 x 68 mm or 56 x 87 mm, depending on which version you own. Mini European card sleeves offer the best fit for the smaller cards, while Standard American card sleeves are perfect for the larger cards.

How to Play Ticket to Ride

To begin playing Ticket to Ride, start by setting up the board in the middle of all players. Set the markers in the lower left-hand corner of the board until players start accumulating points. Deal each player five trains and three destination cards before beginning gameplay. Each player must keep at least two destination cards but is allowed to return one destination card to the deck if it is unwanted. The player who has traveled the most starts the game, and after his or her turn, play passes to the left.

For each turn, you may choose one of three options. You can draw two train cards to see if you draw matching colors and can claim a route on your next turn. If you have the right number of cards to claim a route on the board, you may take that action. You can also choose to draw three destination cards to earn additional points. You must keep at least one of these cards you draw but you may discard up to two if you feel like that is the best strategy. Remember that every destination card awards you points if you reach it during gameplay, but if you fail to reach the destination, you lose the number of points on the card from your final score.

Gameplay continues until one player gets down to two or fewer train pieces used for marking routes. Once this happens, each player gets one more turn before the end of the game.

Points are calculated in three ways. Every time you claim a route, you move your marker around the board to the appropriate number. You also gain points for every destination you reach with your route, although once the game ends you must subtract points for the destinations you fail to reach. Finally, the player with the longest unbroken train route is awarded an extra 10 points. The player who has the most points after tallying the scores wins the game.

Invest in Card Sleeves for Ticket to Ride

The cards are the most essential component of Ticket To Ride, so if you want to enjoy the game for many years, investing in card sleeves is essential. Browse the selection of card sleeves for Ticket to Ride at Sleeve Kings to preserve your game and enjoy playing it often.


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