Mage Knight Card Sleeves: Enhancing Your Experience

Mage Knight Card Sleeves: Enhancing Your Experience

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Mage Knight combines elements of deck-building, RPGs and traditional board games. You control one of four mighty Mage Knights under the Atlantean Empire's power. Fill your deck with decisive actions and spells, explore caves and dungeons and build your army to conquer the influential cities. This game for 2 to 4 players ages ten and up has a 3- to 4-hour playtime and is challenging to master. Owning a set of Mage Knight card sleeves will ensure your cards stand up against wear and tear from the hours of replayability this game has to offer.

Mage Knight Card Sleeves

There are 240 cards included in Mage Knight, which can be subject to damage from regular use and the common hazards of nearby snacks and drinks. Fortunately, there are two types of kits to choose from to ensure you have the best protection for your cards so you can enjoy many hours of gameplay. High-quality options for Mage Knight card sleeves include:

Premium Kit

Card sleeves in the premium kit have a quantity of 55 per pack. These extra-thick and extra-durable sleeves are made from 100 mil polypropylene to stand up to even the harshest playing conditions.

  • Five packs of SKS-9905

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 110 per pack. While not as heavy as the Premium sleeves, they come in the same acid-free, archival safe material that won’t hurt your cards no matter how long you use them.

  • Three packs of SKS-8810

Mage Knight Card Sleeve Dimensions

The 240 cards included in Mage Knight all have a dimension of 63 x 88 mm. These standard sleeves are an excellent fit for many board game cards, some of which you may already have in your home. Why not use the extra sleeves to protect all your game cards? All the cards in this game are used repeatedly and need shielding from the ravages of active gameplay.

How to Play Mage Knight

As a player, you control a Mage Knight known as a Hero. Each player starts with a game figure, several types of procedural tokens and a Deed deck containing sixteen Action cards. The gameplay begins with a few map tiles placed in the starting location of the map, revealing a magic portal and its surrounding area. Each round of Mage Knight centers around a distinctive scenario, similar to a role playing game (RPG). Each play is unique, with cards used to gain ground and defeat enemies on a randomly built map that develops as the game progresses and ensures every game is different. Players gain levels of "Fame" status throughout the game by completing specific achievements; when the scenario is finished, the player with the most Fame wins.

Order Your Mage Knight Card Sleeves Today!

Keep your cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue playing in the Atlantean Empire for years to come. With proper care, your Mage Knight card sleeves will last forever, so don't hesitate to order your set today!


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