Monster Hunters: How to Succeed in Kingdom Death: Monsters (And Card Sleeve Sizes)

Monster Hunters: How to Succeed in Kingdom Death: Monsters (And Card Sleeve Sizes)

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Board games take you into a new world, some full of horror and nightmare. Instead of worrying about a mishap ruining the game, fully immerse yourself in the experience by purchasing Kingdom Death card sleeves.

High-Quality, Protective Kingdom Death Card Sleeves

When you love a game, not just any piece of plastic will provide the protection you need. By choosing 100% clear polypropylene sleeves, you get the confidence that they are acid-free, PVC-free, archival safe and 60 microns thick, nearly 50% thicker than other sleeves on the market. Before the next adventure, get the following:

Sleeve Specs and Dimensions

A key factor in enjoying all-around protection is choosing the right size. Kingdom Death: Monster cards require the following for a perfect fit:

  • 52 x 52mm

Survive and Thrive with Kingdom Death Card Sleeves

A cooperative game, Kingdom Death takes players to a nightmarish world full of monsters but little resources. Working together, players battle terrifying creatures while trying to build a civilization in a place made for non-humans. In general, the play involves fighting boss after boss for 30 lantern years, if you can survive that long. Each lantern year has different phases, including hunt, showdown and settlement.

During the hunt phase, players choose a quarry to go hunt in. The higher the quarry’s level, the more. After randomly choosing event cards covered in Kingdom Death card sleeves, you progress through the cards, which will provide instructions. Choices the players make may result in a character getting damaged prior to a hunt or the monster showing up early. Once the character and monster are on a space, the showdown begins.

A four-round phase, the showdown usually starts with it being the monster’s turn. Each monster comes with artificial intelligence and hit location cards. Players draw the number of cards that equate to the monster’s health. Via rolling dice and following card instructions, players take turns controlling the monster while also avoiding attacks and trying to make successful hits. Play continues until the monster deck with Kingdom Death card sleeves is completed. If a successful hunt, players receive resources. Beware that some players may die a gruesome death.

The last phase, settlement, revolves around a number of actions designed to boost the budding civilization. This may include crafting gear, adding new settlement locations or using resources to gain bonuses. Depending on the resources gained, players may also try to abilities that may benefit them in future monster battles.

Players repeat those phases until they reach 30 lantern years. At that point, any surviving players must face an epic and powerful creature. Surviving this last battle means winning the game. If the monster wins, all the players' hard work will have been for naught as the creature will destroy the hard-gained settlement.

Throughout the game, story events add unique details to the experience while still ensuring player strategy factors in. Every time you play this game, the story unfolds in different ways. Help ensure that the next round will be an exciting time with all the cards intact by getting Kingdom Death card sleeves.


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