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Never Ending Fun: How to Play Star Wars: Imperial Assault  Card Sleeve Specs

Never Ending Fun: How to Play Star Wars: Imperial Assault Card Sleeve Specs

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Star Wars Imperial Assault is a fun game in which up to three Hero players take on an Imperial player to see which side can complete various missions. The game comes with a lot of pieces, including a game board, player tokens, damage and stress tokens, a mission book and player cards. Keeping your cards in pristine condition is vital for enjoying the game for many years, so investing in Star Wars Imperial Assault card sleeves is a good way to protect the game pieces.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Card Sleeves

Star Wars Imperial Assault comes with three types of cards in two sizes. The Hero sheets are large and made of sturdy cardboard, so they don't need card sleeves. However, the Supply, Shop and Influence cards come in decks of 96 or 214 and sizes of 57 X 87 mm and 41 X 63 mm. Sleeve ings carries card sleeves for both sizes:

How To Play Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault is a game with many pieces. Start by choosing a mission and setting up the game board in accordance with the instructions. Place the character tokens at the entrance to the age board, and then set the Shop and Influence cards to the side. Put the Stress and Damage tokens in two piles near the deck of supply cards.

Choose your characters. The most experienced player is usually the Imperial token, while up to three other players can choose from as many Hero characters. Each Hero has special abilities and powers that grow throughout a campaign, so choose wisely.

All of the Hero players take a turn before the Imperial player has a chance to react. The players have two actions per turn and may choose to do any combination of the following actions:

  • Rest
  • Move
  • Attack
  • Special Action
  • Interact

Each action has various benefits. If you choose to Rest you can reduce Stress and Damage tokens accumulated through combat and restore your character to full health. Moving allows you to move around the game board to accomplish missions. Attacking requires you to use the weapons found in the Supply cards to combat the enemy, and Special Actions are related to the special abilities of your character. The final possible action is Interacting with various elements around the board, so you can open doors to accomplish missions or smash crates to gain experience points.

The game continues until the mission is complete. The Hero players then tally up their experience points and use them to purchase Shop to boost their characters later in the campaign. The Imperial player does the same with the Influence cards. You can either start the next mission immediately or record the data for the next time you play.

Find the Card Sleeves You Need at Sleeve Kings

Star Wars Imperial Assault is a fun game you can play alone or with a few friends but you need to keep the cards in good shape to continue enjoying the game. Find Star Wars Imperial Assault card sleeves today and enjoy the game for many years!


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