You Died: How to Survive the Dark Souls Board Game Card Sleeve Specs – sleevekings


You Died: How to Survive the Dark Souls Board Game  Card Sleeve Specs

You Died: How to Survive the Dark Souls Board Game Card Sleeve Specs

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Dark Souls: The Board Game, based on the video game of the same name, features cooperative play, a dungeon crawl and the chance to explore locations and defeat enemies with strategy and stamina. It's an essential experience for any video game or tabletop role-play game enthusiast, and it comes with plenty of cards, miniatures and other equipment.

The Best Card Sleeves for Dark Souls

The Dark Souls board game comes with 250 cards. 177 of these cards are 41x63mm. 73 of them are 63.5x88mm. The best card sleeves for this board game are sleeves designed specifically for it, but you can also utilize any card sleeves with the appropriate dimensions for dark souls cards.

There are two main card sleeve sizes that fit Dark Souls cards:

  • Standard card sleeves (63.5x88mm)
  • Mini card sleeves (41x63mm)

Sleeve Dimensions and Specs

Remember, your card sleeves should accommodate both card sizes. Purchasing card sleeves in both sizes ensures a snug fit, but you may also choose to purchase only the larger size for both card types.

Make sure your Dark Souls card sleeves have the following specs:

  • Snug fit
  • Clear
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Matte
  • Non-stick

These specs will help ensure you can shuffle your cards easily and avoid scratching them while also allowing you to see your cards clearly.

How To Play Dark Souls

Game Rules

Dark Souls features a mechanism called "fast set-up, long reveal" to ensure your game is fast-paced. During gameplay, you locate and explore new areas, discover and fight monsters and try to survive boss and mini-boss fights. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Set up the board and your characters.
  2. Each player takes at least one action per turn, including exploring, attacking or purchasing sparks.
  3. Encounter cards set up battles and activate enemies, but the party can dash through, or avoid, non-boss encounters.
  4. Your goal is to kill bosses and light bonfires with your sparks after killing them. The more bonfires you light, the more areas you can explore.
  5. Two scenarios can end the game: your party runs out of sparks or you defeat the final boss.

Tips and Tricks

Dark Souls is a strategy-based game, so it can take some practice to improve your gameplay. You can also implement certain tips and tricks to improve or refine your strategy, including:

  1. Buy extra equipment at the beginning of the game so you're more prepared for the first encounters if you have enough souls to spend.
  2. Don't play alone. Playing with others allows you to develop a cooperative strategy and develop unique ideas to win encounters.
  3. Spend souls to avoid losing them during encounters.
  4.  Make the rule book easily accessible. The game can be confusing for beginners, so making sure they can review the rules whenever they need to can be quite helpful.

Buy Dark Souls and Your Equipment Today!

If you already own Dark Souls or want to purchase a copy for yourself, make sure you also have the tools to protect your game. Buy Dark Souls card sleeves and other storage and protection equipment today.


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