Endless Fun & Possibilities: The Basic of Keyforge and Card Sleeve Siz – sleevekings


Endless Fun & Possibilities: The Basic of Keyforge and Card Sleeve Sizes

Endless Fun & Possibilities: The Basic of Keyforge and Card Sleeve Sizes

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The excitement of Keyforge lies in the serendipity introduced by its unique decks. Each one-of-a-kind deck feels collectible as well as playable. For this reason, you’ll want to keep your Keyforge cards in excellent condition.

Keyforge Card sleeves

You’ll have no trouble finding sleeves for your standard-size Keyforge cards. Below are a few popular sleeve sets:

You can get 110 sleeves per pack with either the SKS-8810 or SKS-7711 sleeves, while the SKS-9905 set contains 55 sleeves per pack. The main distinction that you’ll get with premium sleeves is the enhanced protection of greater thickness. Premium sleeves are 100 microns thick, compared to the 60-micron thickness of standard sleeves. All of the products listed are made of acid-free polypropylene and are a good fit for Keyforge cards, measuring 63.5mm by 88mm.

The Keys to Keyforge

The central task you’re trying to accomplish in Keyforge is collecting Ӕmber. That’s because Ӕmber is the price you pay for being able to forge a key. Every time you start a round with six Ӕmber tokens, you must spend them and flip over one newly “forged” key. All of the game play during the round in one way or another impacts your ability to amass more Ӕmber faster than your opponent.

After forging a key if you can, your next step is deciding which house you want to play during the current round. This is a momentous decision, as it will determine which creatures you can use on this turn. You’ll make this decision based on the cards in your hand; if you have several good cards from the same house, making that your active house is a no-brainer.

Once you know your house, you know roughly what cards you’ll be playing. You then play any cards you wish, as long as they are part of the chosen house and are ready instead of exhausted. Remember that any new creatures you obtain are exhausted by default on that turn. You will have to wait until the next round  to play them, even if they are members of your currently active house.

Play gets off to a gradual start, especially since the initial player who gets to go first is only allowed to play one card in the first round. Once you and your opponent have been through at least one round of combat, however, the game will start to feel more fast-paced. You must declare “Check” if you end a round with enough Ӕmber to forge a key, giving your opponent a heads-up that they need to take countermeasures against you if they can. Win by being the first player to forge all three keys to the coveted vault of knowledge.

Keyforge players tend to be passionate about their cards, as having a unique deck somehow makes it feel more personal. That doesn't mean your cards must stay safely on a shelf, of course; this very playable game is too much fun for that! Make sure your Keyforge creatures keep their good looks round after round by finding the right Keyforge card sleeves here.


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