Join the Hunt: Bloodborne Board Game Rules How to Protect Your Cards – sleevekings


Join the Hunt: Bloodborne Board Game Rules  How to Protect Your Cards

Join the Hunt: Bloodborne Board Game Rules How to Protect Your Cards

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If you own the Bloodborne board game, you already know that it comes with a large assortment of cards for gameplay. The game's setup is designed for between one and four players and contains about 347 cards. Without Bloodborne card sleeves, your cards could become damaged during gameplay.

Bloodborne Card Sleeves

Since the game has various card sizes, you must find three different size sleeves for each. Card sleeve options include:

In addition to protection, sleeve cards can make it easier to shuffle the cards and pick them up from the table during the game.

Bloodborne Card Sleeve Dimensions and Specs

If you choose the wrong dimensions for your Bloodborne card sleeves, you have a higher chance of dust or debris getting beneath the plastic and onto your cards. Likewise, the cards can shift around inside the sleeve, leading to excess wear.

When looking for card sleeves, you will need

  • 117: 63.5 x 88 mm card sleeves
  • 173: 41 x 63 mm card sleeves
  • 57: 70 x 120 mm card sleeves

How much protection you want will determine the type of sleeves you purchase. For example, premium sleeves are thicker than standard ones and offer more protection.

All card sleeves are PVC and acid-free, archival safe and made with clear polypropylene.

How To Play Bloodborne Board Game

The Bloodborne game includes 25 hunter starter cards, five hunter boards, 15 blood echo tokens, 60 blood echo tokens, 32 hunter upgrade cards, five final boss cards, one first player token, five hunter health dials, 15 trophy tokens, three custom monster dice, 18 chalice dungeon cards and seven chalice dungeon boss cards.

How To Play the Game

Once you set up the game, you divide each round into eight steps:

  • Choose and play action cards
  • Transform weapons
  • Resolve instant effects
  • Monster attacks
  • Hunters attack
  • Monster escapes
  • Hunter's dream
  • End of the round

Once you finish one round, you begin again at the first step.

How To Win the Game

The game's goal is for your player to be released from the chalice dungeon. Throughout the game, you will fight monsters within the dungeon and collect blood echoes. Your blood echoes are part of your overall blood score, which counts towards the end game.

In addition to blood echoes, you also take the blood echo for your trophies into consideration. At the end of the game, you tally up your points and compare them to the other hunters—the player with the highest total wins.

If you tie with another player, the player with the most banked blood wins the game. However, if there is still a tie, the players must share the victory.

Protect Your Game With Bloodborne Board Game Sleeves

If you want to preserve the longevity of your Bloodborne board game, then you need protective sleeves to save your cards from spills and wear and tear. This game requires various Bloodborne card sleeves because it has three different-sized cards. Check out our selection to find card sleeves for your game!


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