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How to Play the Final Fantasy TCG  Protect Your Cards

How to Play the Final Fantasy TCG Protect Your Cards

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If you've ever hosted a game night, you know how quickly accidents can happen. Drinks and food can spill, guests can handle cards too roughly, and your cards may not be as pristine as before playing. Fortunately, when it comes to playing cards, there are protective sleeves available, including Final Fantasy card sleeves.

Final Fantasy Card Sleeves

Protective sleeves are a must-have to protect your cards from spills, sun damage and wear and tear. The Final Fantasy TCG contains standard cards, similar in size to Magic: the Gathering. Standard U.S. cards are 56 x 87 mm, so you'll want sleeves the same size.

Options include:

  • Standard Sleeves
  • Premium Sleeves
  • Chimera Sleeves

Your sleeve choice depends on how close of a fit you want and your preferred thickness.

Final Fantasy Card Sleeve Dimensions and Specs

For optimal protection, do not choose too big sleeves for the cards. Dust can settle into the sleeve and as the card slides around, it can cause damage, reducing the effectiveness of the sleeves.

For Final Fantasy TCG, look for the following specs:

  • Standard USA card size
  • Clear polypropylene
  • Archival safe
  • Acid-free
  • No PVC

Premium sleeves tend to be about 125% thicker than standard sleeves.

How To Play Final Fantasy TCG

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is a two-player card game. Based on the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, the game allows players to create teams of characters from across the franchise to face off in duels.

What You Need To Get Started

Before you can start, you need a 50-card deck and an opponent. There are starter decks and two-player starter decks available for new players, with each starter deck equipped with 50 cards. While you can construct your own deck, you cannot have a deck with more than three copies of the same card.

How To Construct a Deck

You have three categories of cards to play the game:

  • Forwards: The forwards are combat characters that can attack the opponent and protect against other attacks.
  • Backups: Backups are your support characters that do not join combat but offer useful abilities and crystal points.
  • Summons: Summons are cards you can use for an immediate effect but then have to discard.

The turn structure involves an active phase, a draw phase, a main phase where you place characters onto the field, an attack phase, a second main phase and the end phase.

How To Win the Game

You have three ways to win a game of Final Fantasy TCG. The first player to deal seven points of damage to the opponent or to deal damage when an opponent has zero cards in the deck will give you an automatic win. Likewise, you win if your opponent can no longer draw the next card.

Protect Your Game With Final Fantasy Card Sleeves

Final Fantasy is a widely popular series and the trading card game is equally fun. When you purchase Final Fantasy trading cards, you will have access to common and premium cards requiring different protection levels. Having Final Fantasy card sleeves preserves your cards and allows you to play the game without worrying about extensive wear and tear. Check out our standard card sleeves for your Final Fantasy TCG for optimal protection.


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