Epic Fantasy Battles: Flesh and Blood Tips Tricks Including Card Sleev – sleevekings


Epic Fantasy Battles: Flesh and Blood Tips  Tricks Including Card Sleeve Sizes

Epic Fantasy Battles: Flesh and Blood Tips Tricks Including Card Sleeve Sizes

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Whether a card collector, gamer or both, you want to ensure that your investment lasts for years to come. Buying Flesh and Blood card sleeves is an easy and cost-effective way to make that happen. Luckily, the game cards are a standard size, which means you can find the perfect fit without added hassle.

Benefits of Flesh and Blood Card Sleeves

During play or while showing off your collection, the unexpected can happen. Card sleeves keep the harmful effects of greasy fingers and spilled drinks at bay. They also provide protection against UV rays, which can quickly turn vibrant colors dull. From easier shuffling to having full confidence you know which cards are yours, ordering the following:

Sleeve Specs and Dimensions

While you can count on 100% polypropylene card sleeves to be acid-free, archival safe and 50 microns thick, you need your cards to fit in the sleeves like a glove to gain the benefits. Before the next round, outfit your Flesh and Blood cards with the following sleeves:

  • 67 x 92mm

Taking on Battles with Flesh and Blood Card Sleeves

As a fantasy, player-versus-player trading card game, you take on the role of a hero and battle to be the final one. Before the game starts, you can choose from four heroes: Boltyn, light warrior; Prism, light illusionist; Chane, shadow runeblade; and Levia, shadow brute. The different heroes have different abilities, which helps players determine the strategies to use. Each player also gets to choose a weapon and equipment at the beginning of the game.

You work to build your deck with various generic cards and one’s that correspond with your hero talent or class. Once play begins, players draw four cards and begin a battle. While you get protection from Flesh and Blood card sleeves your hero relies on your quick thinking and luck to win. Much of the game revolves around strategically knowing when to block or take on the damage. Each time you want to block, you lose a card. In situations where you have a balanced combination of cards, you may have the ability to take the hits and get the most out of the turn.

The game flows in rounds with one person being the attacker and one being the defender. During your turn, you need an action card or an ability card that states action. Some of these actions may include the chance to go again. Each action has an associated cost, which equates to resource points used during an action attack when put into a pitch zone. This zone features the cards placed face up, so the defender will know the value of the attack. At the end of an attack, both players discard the cards used in the round. New cards are drawn for the next round. Play continues until one player reduces the other player’s life to zero for the win.

While the game itself proves challenging and full of excitement, many appreciate the fine artwork and collecting unique trading games. Regardless of how much you play, gain peace of mind your cards are fully protected by getting Flesh and Blood card sleeves.


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