Protect the Ring: Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game Rules & Card Sleeve Specs

Protect the Ring: Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game Rules & Card Sleeve Specs

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The Lord of the Rings Trading Card game is an activity for two players that requires strategy and luck to win. The unique aspect of this card game is that it contains two mixed decks of Fellowship and Shadow cards, so each player has the opportunity to play as either side. Keeping the cards in good condition is essential for enjoying this card game for many years, and the card sleeves from Sleeve Kings can protect them from rips, tears and stains while playing the game.

Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game Sleeves

The Lord of the Rings Trading Card game consists of 226 cards. They measure 63 X 88 millimeters,  and investing in standard card sleeves is the best way to keep them in top condition for years to come.

How To Play Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game

The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game Comes with two decks of cards and many small tokens to help you track the health of each character. The cards are either Adventure, Ring Bearer, Companion, Ally or Minion.

Setup is simple. Each player lays out a Ring Bearer card and chooses companions to help with the journey. Each companion card has a cost listed in the top right corner, so you must expend that number of tokens. Your total cost for companions can't exceed four at the start of the game, so you may choose two high-level companions for two points each, or you can select three lower-level companions for one point each. Any combination is acceptable as long as the total cost does not exceed four.

Play begins with each player secretly choosing a number of tokens from their stash. The player who picks up the most tokens gets to choose whether to go first or second, but the catch is that you must place the tokens on your ring bearer card as burdens. If the burdens outweigh the vitality of the ring bearer character you lose the game immediately.

The first player starts with the Fellowship phase. He or she draws eight cards from the deck and decides how to use them to fortify the companions. You may select weapons for the companions to use in defense, mounts to give them greater power or armor to protect them in combat. For each card you play, you must pay the cost in the top right-hand corner of the card. At any point in the game, you may choose to discard the eight cards you have drawn and select six new ones, but you can only use this play one time for each game.

The second phase of the game is the shadow phase. You perform the same actions but with your enemy cards to play against your component. The game continues with each player performing Fellowship and Shadow actions until all of the adventure cards have been used or a Ring Bearer becomes corrupt.

Find the Card Sleeves You Need at Sleeve Kings

The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game is hard to find, so protecting your cards should be your top priority. We carry card sleeves that keep the game cards in pristine condition, so browse our selection today to find the ones you need.


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