Protecting Your Deck with Dominion Card Sleeves: Specs & Play Instruct – sleevekings


Protecting Your Deck with Dominion Card Sleeves: Specs & Play Instructions

Protecting Your Deck with Dominion Card Sleeves: Specs & Play Instructions

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Dominion is a game where you play a monarch who rules a small kingdom of rivers and evergreens, just as your parents did before you. Your hopes and dreams however are more ambitious and you want a more extensive realm with a wider variety of trees and more rivers! In this game, you will work to unite the petty lords on the verge of anarchy, bringing peace and civilization to the people. This 2- to 4-player card game is for ages 13 and up and feeds your imagination with its immense variety that will surely be a hit for family and friends on game night. You will want to protect the cards in this game with a set of Dominion card sleeves to enhance your experience and safeguard them from the wear and tear of repeated play.

Dominion Card Sleeves

There are 500 cards in Dominion, with a million possible combinations to build your unique kingdom. Each round in the game lasts up to 30 minutes with active card play. You will want to protect your cards, especially from snacks and sodas gamers may bring to the table. Fortunately, the cards in this game are all the same size, making it a snap to choose the right sleeves. These Dominion card sleeves are perfectly suited to protect your game cards:

Premium Kit

Card sleeves in the premium kit have a quantity of 55 per pack.

  • Ten packs of SKS-9904

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 110 per pack.

  • Five packs of SKS-8809

Dominion Card Dimensions

Though Dominion's cards serve many different gameplay purposes, they are all identical in size. The dimensions of the Dominion card size are 59 x 91 mm. The standard Euro Card Sleeves are a fantastic fit here, as they are for many board game cards, some of which you may already have in your home. They may benefit from extra protection too! The 500 regular play cards are used repeatedly in this game, so protecting them with the best card sleeves for Dominion is the ideal way to ensure you can rule your kingdom in the future.

How to Play Dominion

Dominion is a deck-building game where each player has their own set of cards, discard pile, play area and hand of cards to begin. Players gradually acquire better cards to play throughout the game. The object is to score the most points by buying cards in each turn to create the best deck. The cards provide treasure such as copper, silver and gold to purchase estates, duchies, provinces and curse cards to gain an advantage to build the best kingdom. The game ends when any player depletes their stack of cards, declaring the competitor with the most points as the winner.

Order Your Dominion Card Sleeves Today!

Keep your game cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue building the vast empire you have always wanted. With the right care, your Dominion Card Sleeves will make you victorious in making your game last, so don't hesitate to order your set today!


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