Uno Strategies: Protecting Your Cards with Card Sleeves & How to Play

Uno Strategies: Protecting Your Cards with Card Sleeves & How to Play

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Many people enjoy playing card games as a pastime, but cards are fragile and get bent, scratched and stained easily. Card sleeves keep your game in good condition for years of exciting play, but it's important to choose the right sleeves for each card game. Keeping your Uno cards in pristine shape requires a specific type of card sleeve.

Uno Card Sleeves

Uno card sleeves keep your playing cards from being damaged during gameplay. The standard USA card sleeve size is most appropriate for traditional Uno cards.

Uno Card Sleeve Specifications

Standard Uno cards measure 56 x 88 millimeters. The card sleeves need to be slightly bigger than the cards to fit smoothly and keep them well protected, so a standard card sleeve that measures 57.5 x 89 millimeters is a good choice. This bundle protects 112 Uno cards so you can play often without worrying about damaging your cards. Be careful not to use larger sleeves, as the extra gaps can let in dust, dirt, and moisture.

How to Play Uno

Uno is a fun card game for two or more players. The deck consists of 108 cards, 25 cards each in blue, red, yellow and green with various numbers, and 8 Wild cards. Special cards give actions such as Reverse, Draw 2, Skip and Draw 4.

To begin, deal each player seven cards and place the remaining deck facedown in the middle of the players. This becomes the draw deck. Take the top card from the draw deck and flip it over to create a discard deck. This first player must look at his or her hand and discard a card that matches the color, number or type of card in the discard pile.

For example, if the top card in the discard pile is a yellow four, the player must play either a yellow card or another color with the number four. You can also play a Wild or Draw 4 card and change the color you wish to play. Upon discarding, play passes to the next player.

If none of the cards in your hand match the one on top of the discard pile, you must draw a new one. You can play the new card if it is the right color, number or type, but if it can't be played, you keep the card and the game moves on to the next player.

You can also play special cards to affect the play of the next player. The Skip card forces the next player to skip his or her next turn, while the Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards force the next player to pick up more cards. Reverse cards change the direction of gameplay.

When you get down to a single card, you must shout the word "Uno" before anyone else notices. If another player notices and yells the word first, you will be forced to pick up two cards from the draw pile. The player who runs out of cards first wins the game.

Get the Most Out of Uno With Card Sleeves

Protecting your Uno cards with card sleeves is the best way to preserve your game for many years. Browse our inventory to find the best card sleeves for Uno.


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