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Spice Up Your Party With These Adult Card Games

Spice Up Your Party With These Adult Card Games

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Card games have long been a centerpiece of social life for adults. As a source of entertainment for centuries, with the first evidence of card-playing dating all the way back to Europe in the 1300s, experts speculate that the actual origins are even older than that. But today's adult card games have come a long way from the traditional games of luck and strategy, infusing social interaction and humor to liven up both parties and casual get-togethers. While most of these games are not based on your traditional 52-card deck, they are certain to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

Cards Against Humanity

Arguably the king of the world of adult card games, Cards Against Humanity markets itself as "a party game for horrible people" and is responsible for the recent surge in naughty party games. Cards Against Humanity enables players to create hilarious sentences using a collection of random words and phrases. One of the best adult card games on the market, Cards Against Humanity is available in its original version, a new Green Box upgrade, and multiple expansion packs.

Charty Party

This "smart" game is mildly offensive and probably rated PG-13, but perfect for an adult gathering. Billed as entertainment for statistics nerds, this hilarious visual card game connects prompts to line graphs in a fast-paced, easily understandable format.

Cheer Up!

This pick-up adult card game is appropriate for large groups and encourages creativity and lots of laughter. Cheer Up! includes prompts and requires players to lay down three cards for every answer, creating an opportunity for more laughter and less repetitiveness.

Convo And Chill

This adult card game is unique because it does not have a winner. Encouraging discussions that are both funny and sentimental, the game includes a stack of conversation starters that prompt each player to answer a provocative question that may organically spur talk on additional topics. For get-togethers with new friends, this game provides an easy structure for keeping the conversation flowing. It's also a fun activity for date night, as couples get to know each other better.

Do or Drink

This game embraces the honest truth about adult card games: most of them are played while consuming alcohol. Do or Drink's original iteration contained some racially controversial content that has been corrected in its current version. A great icebreaker, the rules of the game are simple and intended to encourage both drinking and social interaction. The game includes 350 cards, including 175 challenge cards, and expansion packs are available to keep the fun fresh.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid: A Party Game

The premise of this adult card game can be completely hilarious, but can also lead to fighting among close friends. The nature of the game is to prompt players to form quick judgments about the other players, which could lead to hurt feelings if players are not drunk, stoned, or stupid. The game does not include a winner, but does have a loser: a player is eliminated when they have accumulated seven "most likely" cards.

Exploding Kittens NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Edition

This game began as a Kickstarter project and does not need alcohol for it to be fun. The artwork in this NSFW edition is racier than the family-friendly version, and some cards include lewd references to body parts; otherwise, the game is not offensive to most people. Players pick up cards in turns while attempting to avoid the Exploding Kitten Cards. Once you explode, you are evicted from the game. Players can diffuse exploding kittens using such tools as catnip sandwiches or laser pointers, and action cards enable players to develop complex strategies that result in entertaining betrayals.

Shameless Party Game

The box says "A Card Game designed for the nasty, the witty, and the brave." Intended as a structured, grown-up form of the classic "Never Have I Ever," this game's collection of action and conversation prompts creates a safe space for sharing embarrassing and personal stories and feelings. Best played with people willing to be honest and vulnerable, Shameless Party Game is a forum for scandalous fun, perfect for a bachelorette weekend or sorority party.

That's What She Said

It's difficult to imagine an adult card game that's dirtier than Cards Against Humanity, but that's the reputation of That's What She Said. Players match setup cards in red with white phrase cards in fast-paced, hilarious rounds. With more than 450 cards, it's easy to remove some of the more offensive prompts and still have plenty of material to play with. While the name suggests female players, the game can be played by any gender. That's What She Said accommodates up to 10 players at a time, but is most fun with a group of five or six.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk 

The name of this game is appropriate, as players are sure to get drunk when it is played correctly. The game is fast-paced with easy rules, perfect for icebreakers and getting any party started. While there are 100 dynamic cards included in These Cards Will Get You Drunk, most people don't make it past 12 cards before intoxication kicks in and the game slows down.

What Do You Meme?

Memes are a popular source of entertainment online, but no one wants to be glued to their phones at a party. What Do You Meme? enables players to enjoy hilarious internet jokes while unplugging and engaging face-to-face. Available in both the original format and a newer TikTok edition, What Do You Meme? infuses internet-trending visual humor into an offline environment.

You Laugh You Drink

Despite its name, You Laugh You Drink is fun to play both drunk or sober. The game is based on the efforts of players to make each other laugh based on card prompts. As the title suggests, players who laugh are supposed to take a drink, but some people use dares or even money as alternate punishment in order to keep the game alcohol-free. You Laugh You Drink includes 150 prompt cards.

Hopefully, you have just chosen the best adult card game for your next party. Improve your storage capacity and protect the life of your adult card games with card sleeves from Sleeve Kings.

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